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Inland Power Group is committed to total customer satisfaction. That level of satisfaction also extends through to our factory authorized, Factory Accredited Training Center. We offer a variety of maintenance related training classes, on Detroit Diesel's  products, selected MTU  Products and Allison Transmission Products, throughout the year. Our Training Center meets the factories' exacting standards and requirements for instructor, facilities, equipment and tools.

Engine Familiarization/PM classes include familiarization, operation, and preventive maintenance on the basic engine and its support systems: air, fuel, lube, cooling, EGR, ATD, SCR, and electronic controls. These classes are aimed at fleets, owner/operators and users to understand basic engine operation and maintenance for maximum engine life and efficiency. Appropriate retention material to be used during the class is provided.

Transmission Familiarization/PM 
classes include familiarization, operation, and preventive maintenance on the basic transmission and its electronic control system. This includes a thorough description of transmission operation including torque converters, clutches, gears, power flows, hydraulic and electronic controls including wiring, and is aimed at fleets, owner operators, and users to understand basic transmission operation and maintenance for maximum transmission life and efficiency. The Allison DOC PC-based troubleshooting program is also introduced and demonstrated.  Appropriate retention material to be used during the class is provided.

Allison DOC Training and Allison DOC/Reprogram classes include a general review of the Allison 1000/2000 and the 3000/4000 series products features and operation.  It is highly suggested that either the 1000/2000 and/or the 3000/4000 Familiarization PM Classes listed above are completed first for a thorough understanding of transmission operation.  
DOC Training will cover from hooking the DOC program up to the vehicle to a thorough demonstration and use of all of the windows and features in the program including snapshots and how it can be used to help troubleshoot and hopefully lead to a favorable resolution of transmission complaints and/or malfunctions.  Each student will acquire some hands-on time using the program and is aimed at fleets, owner/operators, and users needing additional guidance and insight using the DOC PC-based troubleshooting program.   
DOC/Reprogram will cover some of the above with an emphasis on electronic controls and wiring.  Optional vocational Input and Output groups and packages along with individual input & output circuits will be discussed in detail in an effort to understand their purpose and their reprogrammable parameters. Each student will reprogram ECU/TCM's, and at the end of the class will receive a training certificate that will allow them to activate and access the reprogramming feature in their own DOC program.  NOTE:  This program is only provided to OEM’s, body builders, chassis manufacturers, etc., that perform vocation related major chassis and/or body modifications and upgrades as their primary business.

It is suggested that students wear suitable clothing and shoes to work on heavy-duty engines and transmissions. Safety glasses are required in the shop areas. Inland Power Group has made arrangements for special rates at area hotels which are listed on the training confirmation. Students are responsible for food, hotel and transportation expenses.

For your convenience, we have posted a twelve (12) month (January – December) snapshot of our scheduled Training classes. We’ve included an electronic copy of our Service School Application. Once your application has been received, we will acknowledge its receipt, validate that the requested class is available and send you an electronic Training Confirmation. Full reimbursement for the Class must be made prior to Class dates. All of our classes are held at our Butler Training Center, 12950 West Custer Avenue, Butler, WI 53007. Classes run from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Inland Power Group reserves the right to alter the course schedule at any time.

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