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1st Detergent, the Professional Biodegradable Detergent for Heat Exchanger Video

1st TECH, An All-in-One Biodegradable Descaler, Safe and High Efficiency

1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler is a full-synthetic, compatible and safe, high-effective, environmental friendly cleaner that can apply to clean water scales, limes slurries, rust stains and other sediments in the industrial or commercial water system applications made of Aluminum, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Brass, Ceramics, Chrome plate, Copper, Cooper nickel, Fiber, Glass, Lead, Plastic, PVC, Red copper, Rubber, Teflon, Titanium, and other materials. (For other material is not on the list above please consult Mibo International Corp. to submit a material sample for laboratory test.)

As shell's main component is calcium carbonate, we use it for scale dissolution test. Add 1st TECH descaler into the beaker and put the shell in, we will see numbers of bubbles produce. It means calcium carbonate is being dissolved quickly. 1st Tech's unique innovative technology is adding wetting agent, penetration agent and dispersing agent in formulation, so sediment can be well dissolved like sugar dissolved in coffee. 5 minutes later, part of shell has disappeared and become transparent. 10 minutes later shell disappear completely, leaving organic film only. 1st TECH has no harm to skin. The great product to clean shell and tube heat exchangers.

Advantage of using 1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler: Widely be used: Can directly apply to clean equipments made of Aluminum, Aluminum alloy, Cooper, or Stainless steel; even for the system made of multi materials´╝ŤBiodegradable; Easy to use; Fast and efficient; Low cost with High performance/price ratio; Safe and environmentally friendly: non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and non-toxic.

1st TECH Applications Range:
Absorption cooler; Absorption plant; Aftercooler; Air Compressor; Air gas generator; Air washer,; Bernie mixer; Boiler; Bottle washer; Calender bowl; Carbon dioxide maker; Central air-conditioning system; Chemical scrubber; Chiller; Closed cooling system; Closed cycle system; Combustion motor; Compressor body; Condenser; Connecting device; Continuous casting equipment; Converter; Cooler; Cooling system; Cooling tower; Cooling ventilation fans; Couch roll; Cryogenic box; Digester; Distiller; Dryer; Electric furnace; Electric-arc furnace; Embellish washing trough; Evaporative condenser; Evaporimeter; Exchanger; Extruding machine; Filtrate pipe; Filtrate tank; Flanging machine; Flow box; Furnace door; Gas cooler; Gas steam room; Heat exchanger; Heating system; Hot water exchanger; Hydrogen cooler; Ice machine; Indirect cooler; Injection molding machine; Intercooler; Lime pump; Lube oil heat exchanger; Motor body; Motor room radiator; Mould; Mould cooler; Oil cracker; Pipe; Process equipment; Pump; Reactor; Roller; Scrubber; Slush pump; Sprinkler head; Squeezer; Steam boiler; Steam heater; Steam meter; Sterilizer; Temperature control system; Transformer; Transformer radiator; Turbine; Turning furnace; Vacuum filter; Vacuum furnace; Vacuum pump; Vertical sewage pump; Washing machine; Water heater; Water tank radiator; etc.

1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler is widely used in the following industries: Automobile; Chemical; Food and Beverage; Glass; Maintenance Service; Manufacturing; Medical; Oil and Gas; Power Plan; Pulp and Paper; Rubber and plastics; Steel mill; Textile; Commercial; etc.

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