2017 GlobeCore MANUFACTURING Tour Video

We are proud to introduce the GlobeCore factory's capacity. here we produce our up-to-date Oil Regeneration Plants, Oil Purifiers, Fuel Blenders, Bitumen units and more other industrial equipment and tools.

Please visit us on-line to find out more: - for Oil Processing Equipment
Tranformer Oil Regeneration plants, Turbine oil Purifiers, Oil Filters, Gear Oil Changing Systems and so on - for Fuel/Oil Hydrodynamic Blending Systems - for Biodiesel Processors, Biodiesel Reactors and Biodiesel 'Turn-key' plants - for Vortex Layer Device (Wastewater treatment, Grinding, Mixing, Crushing operations)

For requests please contact
Ms. Oksana Bichurina
GlobeCore GmbH
Edewechter Landstraße 173,

skype : mg5globecore_de
phone: +493021788825

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