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9570-VTR PowerProbe - Video

The 9570-VTR PowerProbe™ is powered by a tier 4, 60 HP John Deere liquid-cooled diesel engine with 30 gallons of fuel storage. The new 4,000 ft-lb. auger and 201 ft-lb. hammer have hydraulic pivot and locking systems, and the hammer, auger motor, winch, and auto-drop can all be positioned over the same borehole without realigning or repositioning the machine. A standard 80 inch probe stroke allows for the use of 4 or 5 foot tooling. The auto-drop hammer has improved hammering capability and functionality, and the 3,000 lb. hydraulic hi-speed winch requires less operator attention. The rig features a stronger mast with a larger foot for increased stability, and it has a more compact height and width - as well as a fully equipped weight under 12,000 lbs. with a lower center of gravity. We have added a new hydraulic tooling rack with increased rod carrying capacity, a multi-functioning dozer blade, and a new control panel that allows you to run everything from a single position.

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