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ANKOM RF Fermentation and Anaerobic Digestion System Video,

The ANKOM RF Gas Production Measurement System provides an easy-to-use method for monitoring and measuring gases produced during anaerobic or aerobic digestion. The system consists of sample bottles in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml sizes. All sample bottles can be fitted with an optional septa port which can be used for sampling liquid during operation or as an alternative method for sampling gas from the head space. The RF Base Kit (RFS) includes five wireless digestion modules (RF1) capable of measuring pressure and temperature, a reference module which records ambient pressure, a wireless base coordinator, operational software (Windows XP™, Windows 7™, or Windows Vista™ required), rechargeable battery packs, a ten battery pack charging station and additional fittings. The pressure (or vacuum) created in each bottle and the temperature of the module's environment are monitored and recorded at user selected intervals. As individual pressure and temperature data points are generated they are recorded on standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for easy analysis and graphing. Real-time graphing is also provided during operation for instantaneous feedback on the process. The user can select temperature in °C or °F and pressure in psi or mbar. The system can be used for any application requiring measurement of gas production, vacuum, and/or temperature. Current and potential applications include, but are not limited to, ruminant nutrition, yeast activity, dough rising, biomass/biogas production, ethanol production, biodegradability of waste, human digestion and soil analysis.

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