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Biogas Upgrading by Bright Biomethane - How Does it Work? Video

Producing biomethane can be a challenging process. But not with the bright solutions of Bright Biomethane!

Bright Biomethane produces biogas upgrading systems to upgrade biogas to biomethane using membrane technology. Let’s see how this works in our animation video.

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Bright Biomethane is EU’s leading supplier of biogas upgrading systems. Having constructed the world’s first commercial installation for upgrading biogas using a 3-stage membrane system, Bright Biomethane successfully uses this proven design in its systems operating today at more than 30 project references.

Biogas upgrading to biomethane, also known as biogas purification, is a very attractive alternative compared to using a combined heat and power (CHP) system that generates electricity and heat.

Dropping electricity prices and less demand for electricity and heat, cause CHP’s to be non-profitable and expensive. Biogas upgrading can turn your biogas plant into a profitable organization. But what exactly is biogas upgrading? What technology should you use? Why can you benefit from it? And what are your advantages when using our Bright Biomethane system?

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