Keep Mwanga Green - grass briquettes for fuel GME Video

'Keep Mwanga Green' documents a bioenergy project in Tanzania. A collective of farmers in the foothills of Kilimanjaro learn how to produce briquettes from residues and grasses to reduce the use of firewood for cooking.

The project is part of an exchange between Arvidsjaur municipality in Sweden and Mwanga District, Tanzania. 'Municipal Partnership' is one of ICLDs, International Centre for Local Democracy programs. They work to promote local democracy in Sida's priority partner

The goal of Project Bioenergy and 'Keep Mwanga Green' is to give knowledge about technology and entrepreneurship to local businesses and cooperatives in Mwanga, Tanzania. The knowledge is taught by Glommers Miljö Energi, a company from Arvidsjaur municipality that has been working to develop bioenergy for many years. The company is among other things one of two demonstration sites in Sweden for the development of small-scale district heating systems in rural areas.

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Project owner: Arvidsjaur Municipality in cooperation with Glommers Miljöenergi AB

Film by: Bodil Lundmark
Music by: Yanini Malumbano and Glesbygd'n
Film financed by: Vattenfall and Glommers Miljöenergi AB

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