OASE: Gas Treating Excellence by BASF Video

Cleaning gases is a special challenge -- and BASF masters the gas scrubbing with OASE extremely well. More than 40 years ago, BASF's success story of the gas scrubbing began. Today, BASF has realized more than 300 reference installations for its customers -- from North Africa to the Arctic Circle. We are one of the world's leading companies in gas scrubbing. OASE convinces with its simplicity and it is good to be planned.

The video also gives an insight into the area of energy generation: gas scrubbing with OASE is both for biogas plants as well as coal-fired power plants.

Learn which companies already work with OASE, the gas scrubbing system of BASF, and what experiences they have had. It shows: OASE requires very little maintenance, is cost-efficient and energy saving. Our team is always close to its customers and a strong partner.

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