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See the latest video of the Perry Belt Drier.
The Perry belt drier is ideally suited to drying products that have a poor flow rate, such as woodchip, as well as granular products where a lower throughput capacity is required.
This is probably Perry’s most significant product release for several years.

Established in 1947, Perry of Oakley are one of the UK’s most experienced manufacturers of grain & bulk materials drying and handling equipment.

Perry have an established range of conveying equipment to handle and store biomass products and we have also been manufacturing grain driers since our first one in 1954. For many years it has been our intention to apply our drying knowledge and expertise to enable us to manufacture a drier which could dry a large variety of non-granular products such as biomass and other materials.

Perry’s brand new belt drier is capable of drying everything from woodchip, to cereals and granular products, to recycled waste.

Perry Belt DrierWhen drying woodchip the belt drier is capable of capacities of up to 10tph with a 30% moisture reduction rate, when drying wheat you can expect capacities of up to 60tph with a 5% moisture reduction. As standard it has fully galvanised, modular design (2.1m length increments) with 3 different widths available (1.5m , 2.2m & 3m). A full stainless steel assembly and a fully insulated model are additional options available. The belt is made from woven 316 stainless steel and comes with a wide range of perforations to suit the product being dried. It is capable of drying with product depths ranging from 50mm to 250mm to allow for optimum moisture content removal and power consumption.

It is available with either axial or centrifugal fans, axial fans allow for lower air speeds and pressure in comparison to the centrifugal fans and have a lower power consumption. There are also a number of heat sources available, these include a standard burner (diesel, kerosene or gas), a fully biomass fired burner or heat exchangers to receive heat from the customer’s own biomass boilers or other sources.

As standard all Perry driers come equipped with the very latest PLC touchscreen control panel, this includes the Perry belt drier. The PLC panel has been designed and programmed by Perry engineers and displays a complete mimic of the belt drier, it can also be used as a plant control panel which is capable of controlling up to 10 machines and has various different automatic routes available.

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