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Process Flow Diagram Pyrolysis Plant Empyro Video

Our pyrolysis process converts up to 70 wt.% of the biomass feedstock into bio-oil and the remaining part into char and gas. Since 1993, BTG has played an active role in numerous projects on fast pyrolysis. BTG's unique and patented pyrolysis technology is characterised by an intense mixing without the need for an inert carrier gas. BTG-BTL’s has taken BTG's patented RCR (Rotating Cone Reactor) fast pyrolysis technology and engineered it into a commercial industrial installation. The improved RCR design results in a remarkably small reactor, reduced system complexity and minimum down stream equipment size compared to competing pyrolysis technologies.

Dried biomass particles are fed into the pyrolysis reactor together with an excess flow of sand, which acts as a circulating heat carrier material.
The biomass and sand are mixed within the pyrolysis reactor and converted into pyrolysis oil vapors, gas and char.
The produced vapours and gasses pass through several cyclones before entering the condenser, in which the vapours are quenched by re-circulated oil.
The sand and char are transported to a fluidized bed combustor, where air is added to combust the char. The non-condensable pyrolysis gasses enter the combustor from the condensor and are also combusted.
The now reheated sand is then transported back to the reactor via a sand cooler to ensure a constant reactor sand feeding temperature.
Excess heat from the sandcooler and from the hot combustor flue gasses is captured as high pressure steam.
Our system ensures that the excess heat which is produced by the combustion of pyrolysis char and non-condensable gases is captured as high pressure steam so it can be utilized in a steam turbine system. Some steam is used for electric power generation and feedstock drying but the all the excess steam is sold to a nearby industrial site or district heating grid.

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