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Stevens SatComm GOES CS2/v2.0 Transmitter - Video

The Stevens SatComm GOES transmitter sends data via the GOES Data Collection System (DCS) at both 300 and 1200 baud data rates. It can operate with any data logger capable of exporting data packets through a serial port in any format designated by the logger and permitted by NOAA/NESDIS.

For even simpler and more cost-effective remote GOES-based monitoring stations, Stevens SatComm is also available with an optional internal data logger, adding the ability for sensors to be directly connected for data collection, storage and transmission with a single low-power device.

NESDIS CS2/v2.0 certified

Compatible with most 3rd party data loggers y Two data logger input modes:

  • Continuous listen to data logger mode
  • Trigger mode using CTS “clear to send”, with programmable advance turn-on time
  • Two-way communication port
  • Available with integrated data logger (4 analog, 1 pulse and 12 SDI- 12 sensor inputs, 1 control output)
  • VSWR measurement ensures proper antenna connection after installation, and alerts you of potential problems proactively.

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