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Vapor Boilers Finland Advanced District Heating Video

Vapor Boilers Finland Oy | Finland

VAPOR Advanced District Heating eliminated single house smoke stacks and lower air pollution in large areas and it saves energy costs, because heat is generated most efficient way in VAPOR BOILERS.
VAPOR Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) combustion can burn different fuels: wood chips, sod peat, grass, straw and recycled fuels up to 65 % moisture content.
VAPOR biomass handling system is designed for Northern climate.
Vapor Boilers Finland Oy

Availability of VAPOR BFB BOILERS is 99% over 8,600 hours/year since the grate does not have any moving parts. Annual maintenance 240 hour. Environmental friendly, low emission combustion.
VAPOR Boilers are remote controlled during nights and weekends.
VAPOR is one of the few suppliers in the world which has technical and organization to handle this kind of projects for Northern cold regions.

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