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Wood briquette machines -

3D-visualization of the briquetting of wood chips with RUF briquetting machines. The RUF hydraulic metal press machine presses metal chips into solid briquettes. As a RUF-developement, the mould changing system achieves high throughput rates in an industrial scale.

The benefits of briquetting wood are diverse:
- Volume reduction
- Creating Value out of residues
- Increased revenues from briquettes
- Higher calorific value as a fuel than firewood
- No binding agents required

Based on numerous press tests on a huge range of materials, RUF can provide the right machinery to suit every need. Because of our long-term know-how, we specialised in finding individual customer solutions. On request, we can run a press test for your chips/material with a free-of-charge and non-binding briquetting test at our factory (contact:

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