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  • 10 Facts you didn’t know about Wind Energy

    The oldest rotary windmills are considered to have been used regularly in agriculture and other purposes since 2000 B.C. by peoples of what would today be China and the Middle East who already sensed what the German physicist Albert Betz, the father of physics governing modern wind turbines, called The Theory of Wind Energy, presented and published in his book “Wind-Energie” at the ...

  • Vortex Bladeless biography & current stage

    The idea behind the technology // Vortex Bladelessis a tech startup. We are developing anenvironmentally friendlywind generator which needsno blades nor rotation. It is a new technology designed for ...


  • Sail-inspired turbine promises cheaper wind energy

    Sail-inspired turbine promises cheaper wind energy

    A Tunisian invention that harvests wind energy through adesign inspired by sailboats promises cheaper, more efficient wind energy. The bladeless wind turbine, the Saphonian, named after the wind divinity that was worshipped by the ancient ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Offshore Wind Turbine Platform

    Offshore Wind Turbine Platform

    Driving efficiency and decreasing the cost of offshore wind energy. Introducing Haliade-X 12 MW, the most powerful offshore wind turbine in the world. GE is investing to develop the Haliade-X, the industry’s first 12 MW offshore wind turbine. In addition to being the most powerful wind turbine in the world, the Haliade-X is also the most efficient ocean-based wind platform, with a leading ...