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  • Managing Battery Charging - Using Diversion Loads

    Managing Battery Charging - Using Diversion Loads

    Tcharge regulation can be relatively simple: When the I-'1/batteries are full, the controller disconnects the PV r array. Adding wind or microhydro to the system makes charge regulation more complicated, since turbines may overspecd if unloaded. Often, diversion control is the solution. Off-grid "hybrid" combinations of solar, wind, or microhydro have been around for decades. These renewable ...


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  • Solar Simulator

    Solar Simulator

    Our steady state solar simulators enable you to test and develop solar thermal collectors independent of weather and season, faster, more efficiently and more comprehensively than ever before. SORAS-ST8 is a turnkey product, delivered 100 % ready to go!

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  • The Energy Transition Summit - 2020

    The Energy Transition Summit - 2020

    Reuters Events Energy Transition Summit unites leaders and experts from across the public and private sectors to tackle the Energy Transition head on; to shed light on the defining issue of our time and help energy companies meet a uniquely difficult challenge. That is, to be both an energy company of today, and the energy companies of tomorrow. This 2-day strategic summit will shed light upon ...