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  • As Europe extends turbine lifespans, data becomes crucial

    As Europe extends turbine lifespans, data becomes crucial

    Ageing wind assets, growing corporate demand and limited appetite for full repowering are favoring lifetime extension projects, increasing the importance of performance analysis.European lifetime extension (LTE) activity is set to hike in the coming years as feed-in tariffs expire and wind operators seek to maximize revenues from ageing assets.Around 4 GW/year of European wind turbine


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  • Off-Grid Solar Inverter 1-2kw

    Off-Grid Solar Inverter 1-2kw

    Off grid solar inverter is the lastest model presented by Zhejiang Eifesun Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. This off grid inverters have achieved significant improvements on Battery charging, AC transfer, etc. By adopting DIP (Dual In-line Package) switch, the EPVF provide more smart options for users to customize the performance of the device.