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  • Managing Battery Charging - Using Diversion Loads

    Managing Battery Charging - Using Diversion Loads

    Tcharge regulation can be relatively simple: When the I-'1/batteries are full, the controller disconnects the PV r array. Adding wind or microhydro to the system makes charge regulation more complicated, since turbines may overspecd if unloaded. Often, diversion control is the solution. Off-grid "hybrid" combinations of solar, wind, or microhydro have been around for decades. These renewable ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Submerged Effluent Launder

    Submerged Effluent Launder

    The Ovivo® Submerged Effluent Launder (SEL) uses a simple, innovative design that eliminates the need for launder covers or algae cleaning systems, weir, scum baffle and density current baffle. The 5-in-1 design replaces the need to operate and maintain multiple components minimizing equipment and maintenance costs and significantly reducing installation time and cost. The 5-in-1 design ...

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  • The Energy Transition Summit - 2020

    The Energy Transition Summit - 2020

    Reuters Events Energy Transition Summit unites leaders and experts from across the public and private sectors to tackle the Energy Transition head on; to shed light on the defining issue of our time and help energy companies meet a uniquely difficult challenge. That is, to be both an energy company of today, and the energy companies of tomorrow. This 2-day strategic summit will shed light upon ...