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Distributed Wind equipment for Wind Energy

  • Endurance - Model X30 - Wind Turbine

    The Endurance X30 turns high winds into high productivity. Its robust, 30 metre rotor is designed for generation in average wind speeds up to ten metres per second and storm gusts up to 150 mph. At the heart of the Endurance X30 is the time-tested X Series design. With a proven performance record spanning over 25 years, the original design has ...

    By Endurance Wind Power based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • RTB - Single-Chamber Atmosphere Box Furnace

    If you are looking for a single chamber atmosphere furnace, contact Surface Combustion today.  Heat treaters worldwide know that Surface furnaces provide greater value through an unmatched combination of reliability, repeatability and rugged performance.  We will help you determine the optimum solution from our pre-engineered or custom ...

    By Surface Combustion, Inc. based in Maumee, OHIO (USA). from Standard Atmosphere Equipment Product line

  • NEXTracker - Model NX Gemini - Two-In-Portrait (2P) Smart Solar Tracker

    Two-in-portrait smart solar tracker, with maximum modules per foundation. The latest addition to the NEXTracker family, the bifacial-ready NX Gemini™ two-module-in-portrait (2P) horizontal single-axis solar tracker optimizes lifetime value and performance on customer sites with challenging terrain and irregular project shapes. Designed for ...

    By NEXTracker, Inc. based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solar Trackers Product line

  • Focus - Model E130 - Residential Meters

    The E130 FOCUS AL provides the utility industry with a reliable and economical solid-state meter platform that easily adapts to various advanced metering technologies and applications. 

    By Landis Gyr AG based in Zug, SWITZERLAND. from Residential Electricity Meters Product line

  • Renery - Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light

    System principle: System description: RW series of wind solar hybrid street light is small intelligent off grid led street light system. This system includes wind turbine, solar panel, AGM deep cycle battery, controller and other components. This system use the wind and sunshine resources as the power, through the intelligent controller, ...

    By Qingdao Renergy Equipment Co., Ltd., based in Qingdao, CHINA. from LED Light Product line

  • AW - Model 3MW - Wind Turbine - 120m or 132m Rotor

    The Aeronautica W2E 3MW Wind Turbine with LARUS Compact drivetrain offers the most abundant option for distributed wind generation. Ideal for industrial plants and wind farms, the 3MW is newly redesigned with a strong focus on durability and reducing unscheduled maintenance events. In 2011, W2E partnered with Winergy AG, a tenured drivetrain ...

    By Aeronautica Windpower, LLC based in Plymouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Storage Systems

    PVH’s storage systems are engineered by highly experienced industry professionals, where the entire product line is designed to deliver the lowest total cost of installation and industry leading reliability with flexible supply chain, including its own competitive-cost stacks and BOP fabrication facility.

    By PVHardware LLC (PVH) based in San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SeamRack - Model RL - Standing Seam Mounting System

    SEAMRACK RL is an innovative, non-penetrating PV mounting system designed for standing seam metal roofs. The system’s superior, rail-less design uses specialized mounting clamps to secure solar modules directly to any standard seam without jeopardizing the integrity of the roof. SEAMRACK RL ‘s mounting solution is both modular and low ...

    By KB Racking based in Pasadena, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • CG - Model CG-Ongrid - EG series on grid wind generators

    Small wind energy systems that are connected to the electricity distribution system are called grid-connected systems (on grid). A grid-connected wind turbine reduces the power consumption from the utility company and can be used for lighting, appliances, electric heat etc. When the wind system produces more electricity than required, the excess ...

    By Calla Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd. based in Zhabei District, CHINA.

  • SIA ecosol - Off-Grid Systems

    Independent off-grid pv systems with batteries. Also hybrid systems with fuel or wind generator support.

    By SIA ecosol based in Saulkrasti, LATVIA.

  • Varmodan - Model SKVJ(G) 10-55 - Monoblock Rotary Cup

    Where the combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels makes high demands on economy, operational reliability, control range, and environmental consciousness, SAACKE rotary cup atomising burners are the first choice. Environment-conscious and economic use of the energy that is made available to us by nature - that is what SAACKE’s rotary atomising ...

    By Varmodan A/S based in Vojens, DENMARK. from Low NOx Burners Product line

  • Endurance - Model E3120 - Wind Turbines

    Success of the Endurance E Series machine has made Endurance the recognized brand behind one of the largest distributed wind global fleets. Endurance Wind Power is highly regarded for quality, reliability and service because of the reputation of our leading product the E3120. A 160 point quality inspection process and dynamometer testing for each ...

    By Endurance Wind Power based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Power Tower Hybrid System

    The Power Tower is the ultimate platform for creating your own power for off-grid independence. It offers the synergistic benefits of tapping both solar and wind energy and in a package that caters to safety, convenience and elegance. Combining both power generators (wind turbine with solar panels) in a single structure results in material-use and ...

    By Independent Power Systems (IPS) based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA).

  • Magellano - Model 2kW - Horizontal Axis Wind Generator Turbine

    The Magellano 2kW wind turbine stands out from all other small scale wind turbines due to its unique blade and hinge design which allows it to regulate its rotational speed, maximising output. The Magellano 2kW Wind Generator provides a comprehensive answer for off grid and grid connected power systems. ...

    By Windkinetic Wind Systems Group S.r.l. (WWS) based in Prato (PO), ITALY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Hybrid System

    We built a device via a total system solution that captures the abundant free Solar and Wind power provided by nature. Our solution complements Solar since Wind picks up at Night when there is no Sun and provides power augmentation. This also significantly improves the capacity factor of the Solar Only solution. Thus making it a viable off grid ...

    By West Wind Power Inc. based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • XANT - Model L-33 - 330kW Direct Drive Wind Turbine (Typhoon Proof)

    Based on the succesfull certified platform of the XANT M (100kW), we develloped a 330kW direct drive wind turbine. As the XANT M windturbine, the XANT L is available: -/ in a stand alone tower and a guy wired tower which allows a crane-less installation. -/ with an optional concrete-less foundation.

    By XANT NV based in Brussels, BELGIUM.

  • RexCo - Model FW03-12 - Off Grid Wind Charge Controller

    Rated Battery Voltage 12V. Rated Wind Turbine power(Min) 100W. Rated Wind Turbine power(Max) 300W. Wind Turbine Braking Voltage 15V. Wind Turbine Recover Voltage 13.5V. Wind Turbine Braking Current 30A. Display Mode LED. Ambient Temperature -35~+75℃. Dimensions(L x W x H) 100mm×87mm×28mm. Quiescent ...

    By RexCo Technology based in Binhu District, Wuxi,, CHINA. from Controller - Off Grid Wind Charge Controller Product line

  • Custom Transmission & Distribution Transformer Coil Winding

    R.L. Components has been manufacturing transformers, reactors, and numerous other coils and windings for the high voltage T & D industry since the 1970s. R.L. Components also has the capabilities to do complete coring, installations and testing in order to provide a finished product.

    By R.L. Components Ltd. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • BENZ - Model PMG DD 100kW - Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Wind Turbine

    This amazing Direct Drive, Permanent Magnet Wind Turbine is specially designed for low and medium wind speeds and applies the latest design in wind turbine technology. The direct drive, permanent magnet design guarantees reliable performance, efficiency, convenient transport easy installation and most importantly, very low maintenance.

    By MyWindPowerSystem Ltd based in Temple Quay, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Turbine Product line

  • NPS - Model 100C-24 Class III/A - Next Generation High Output Wind Turbine

    Introducing the NPS 100C, the next generation of our industry leading permanent magnet/ direct drive distributed wind turbines. » A new 24-meter rotor features state-of-the-art hub and blade technology with superior aerodynamics providing a larger swept area. This increases the annual energy production (AEP) of the NPS 100C-24 by 11% over ...

    By Northern Power Systems based in Barre, VERMONT (USA).

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