Domestic Wind Power

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  • Wind Driven Ventilator
    Showcase Product

    Wind Driven Ventilator

    By SG Eco Industries

    High quality vertical vane wind driven turbine ventilators for commercial and residential applications that provides a low cost ventilation alternative.

  • Wind Turbines
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    Wind Turbines

    By Cambridge Solar Ltd.

    Wind Turbines can be one of the most cost effective renewable energy technologies you can install. They produce a significant amount of electricity that can be used at the property and sold back to the national grid for ...

  • Virtually Silent Wind Turbine
    Showcase Product

    Virtually Silent Wind Turbine

    By Clean Energy Storage, Inc

    This spherical and virtually silent wind turbine is characterized by the curved rotor blades, which are attached to the rotor hub at both ends. When the Energy Ball® rotor turns it resembles an elongated sphere. This ...

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  • JJAPAS Traders

    JJAPAS Traders

    Traders JJAPAS was born along with the growing demand for renewable energy and environmental and ecological awareness by consumers. JJPAS Traders is ...

  • Windmax Green Energy

    Windmax Green Energy

    Windmax Green Energy, a Plano, Texas-based premier wind turbine manufacturer, wind-solar energy solution provider and distributor of affordable, ...

  • Bergey Wind Power Co.

    Bergey Wind Power Co.

    Bergey Windpower is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of residential-sized wind turbines in the world. Thirty years ago Bergey pioneered ...

  • SUREnergy


    SUREnergy, LLC is the Midwest’s leading wind energy company, both designing and installing wind power systems for residential, commercial, ...



    Turbowinds is a Belgian designer and manufacturer of reliable wind and pumping turbines. Some of the highest availability levels in the industry lead ...