Domestic wind power

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  • Bifacial Module
    Showcase Product

    Bifacial Module

    By Sunpreme, Inc.

    High Performance: Bifacial technology generates power from both the front and back faces of the module, resulting in up to 20% higher energy harvest (kWh). Our HCT cells packaged in framed double glass modules yield ...

  • Wind Turbine
    Showcase Product

    Wind Turbine

    By Nordex SE

    The N117/2400 has been specially developed for low-wind sites. Thanks to a rotor diameter of 117 meters and a rotor sweep of 10,715 square meters, the N117/2400 is the highest-yielding IEC 3 turbine in its class. In ...

  • Virtually Silent Wind Turbine
    Showcase Product

    Virtually Silent Wind Turbine

    By Clean Energy Storage, Inc

    This spherical and virtually silent wind turbine is characterized by the curved rotor blades, which are attached to the rotor hub at both ends. When the Energy Ball® rotor turns it resembles an elongated sphere. This ...

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  • C & F Green Energy Ltd

    C & F Green Energy Ltd

    C&F Green Energy is a world leading , industry setting, manufacturer of small and medium sized wind turbines with a mission to make wind energy ...

  • Royall Power

    Royall Power

    We provide alternative energy products for homes and businesses using renewable energy sources: Solar power, wind power, generators, electric ...

  • Eco Technology

    Eco Technology

    Eco Technology is a fastest growing company based on one of the biggest construction organisations in Kherson region. Experience and high ...

  • e.n.o. energy GmbH

    e.n.o. energy GmbH

    eno energy systems GmbH, a manufacturer of wind turbines based in Rostock and Rerik produces turbines with ratings from 2.05 to 3.5 megawatts and ...

  • Aeolus Power Ltd

    Aeolus Power Ltd

    Aeolus Power aims to take the mystery out of installing a wind turbine. We specialise in wind energy, dealing with the installation of wind turbines ...