Hybrid Wind

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Stand-alone project in Argentina - Case Study

    Stand-alone project in Argentina - Case Study

    With great success, Viking Wind has delivered wind turbines for a stand-alone project in Chorriaca in Argentine. The purpose of the project is to supply vital and renewable energy to Patagonia, which is the southernmost and isolated region in Argentine.Today the three Viking wind turbines deliver energy to a hybrid solution, which supplies electricity to the small village Chorriaca, all

  • Vattenfall readies first three-way hybrid

    Vattenfall has arranged the finance to build a new hybrid project in the Netherlands, investing €35 million to add solar and battery components to an under-construction wind site.


  • Viking Wind delivers the 2. wind turbine to Vejroe in Denmark

    Monday May 27. 2019 Viking Wind installed the 2. Wind turbine for Vejroe resort. The luxury resort, which is located in the Archipelago of South Denmark, has a mission of being self-sufficient in energy supply and with the second turbine from Viking ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Small Horizontal Wind Turbine

    Small Horizontal Wind Turbine

    Low start up speed, 3 or 5 blades optional for different wind speed areas, high wind energy utilization. Amazingly quiet operation with minimal vibration. Easy installation, tube or flange connection optional. New art of precision injection molding blades with aerodynamic shape and structure, high efficiency. Body of casting aluminum alloy, with 2 bearings swivel makes it stronger. Patented AC ...