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  • Managing Battery Charging - Using Diversion Loads

    Managing Battery Charging - Using Diversion Loads

    Tcharge regulation can be relatively simple: When the I-'1/batteries are full, the controller disconnects the PV r array. Adding wind or microhydro to the system makes charge regulation more complicated, since turbines may overspecd if unloaded. Often, diversion control is the solution. Off-grid "hybrid" combinations of solar, wind, or microhydro have been around for decades. These renewable ...

  • Vattenfall readies first three-way hybrid

    Vattenfall readies first three-way hybrid

    Vattenfall has arranged the finance to build a new hybrid project in the Netherlands, investing €35 million to add solar and battery components to an under-construction wind site. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Stand-Alone Wind Turbines

    Stand-Alone Wind Turbines

    The Viking wind turbines are compatible with stand-alone systems (also called off-grid systems), where the turbines deliver the energy production directly to an independent unit and are thereby not connected to the electrical grid.  A stand-alone energy solution means that the wind turbines can be placed in areas, where there is no access to an established electrical grid or at places, where ...

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  • Wind Turbine Towers 2021

    Wind Turbine Towers 2021

    Wind turbine towers are continuing a trend of growth to meet the needs of rising turbine capacity to further boost renewable energy production. Hub heights need to be increased while cutting down costs for materials at the same time. Advances in Wind Turbine Towers is a technical international event for experts in the wind industry and the goal is to push forward technical development for future ...