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Offshore Wind equipment for Wind Energy

  • AW - Model 500kW Services - Wind Turbine - 47m Rotor

    In an age of King-sized wind turbines designed for wide open spaces or off shore, Aeronautica Windpower is proud to introduce a 500 kW turbine specifically aimed at countries or local governments favoring distributed generated wind power incentivized to be capped at a specific nameplate level for maximum Returns On Investment (ROI). The AW 500 is ...

    By Aeronautica Windpower, LLC based in Plymouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Model SCR 12 V Marine - Charge Regulator

    The SCR Marine charge regulator has been especially designed for the Superwind 350 wind generator and guarantees optimum charging of the batteries. The secondary function of the SCR Marine is to electronically keep the wind generator under load. When the batteries have reached their maximum charging voltage, the SCR Marine´s PWM circuit ...

    By Superwind GmbH based in Brühl, GERMANY.

  • WaveNET - Model 6 Series - Array Based Wave Energy Device

    WaveNET is Albatern’s unique array based wave energy device. We are currently testing Series-6 devices, the first commercial development scale of WaveNET on our road map to grid-scale power generation.

    By Albatern based in Roslin, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hybrid Power Systems

    We have been designing and manufacturing Solar/Wind Hybrid Power Packages to the offshore and marine industries for a number of years, which has given us considerable experience in this field. Each system utilises an Ex approved wind turbine and a solar power system, to supply a certified battery package via its standard controller/distribution ...

    By JCE Energy based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Offshore Personnel Tracking System

    The VisSim Offshore Personnel Tracking System is an integrated part of a solution for Vessel Traffic Management on Offshore Wind farms. The system consists of various interfacing software & hardware modules. VisSim designed the system for marine coordinators by providing a real time overview of personnel whereabouts which is vital during ...

    By VisSim AS based in Horten, NORWAY.

  • Havkraft - Model H-WEC - Wave Energy Converter

    Quote: “It has been shown that depending on the efficiency of the damping by the turbine system energy up to 35 % can be extracted from the waves on individual periods. This means that when exposed for an irregular wave spectrum this system will be able to extract more energy than traditional OWC systems as the Havkraft system responds to a ...

    By Havkraft AS based in Raudeberg, NORWAY.

  • Model DSME 7.0MW - Offshore Wind Generator

    As an offshore wind generator is a complex system where its components interact, many factors should be also considered in designing a turbine such as wind and other natural conditions, new technology applications, and market requirements as well as the components and manufacturing technology. The engineers at DSME with years of experience and ...

    By DeWind Co based in Irving, TEXAS (USA).

  • DeTect - Wind Energy Bird & Bat Radars

    DeTect specializes in delivery, integration and support of advanced, proven avian radar technologies for wind energy project developers, owners, operators and environmental consultants for bird and bat survey, mortality risk assessment, operational monitoring and real-time risk mitigation for windfarm sites worldwide. DeTect’s advanced avian ...

    By DeTect, Inc. based in Panama City, FLORIDA (USA).

  • ZephIR - Model 300 - Offshore Wind LiDAR

    ZephIR 300M Wind Lidar delivers ‘finance grade’ wind data offshore at a reduced cost compared to traditional anemometry often comprising tall met mast structures and seabed foundations. ZephIR is flexible; deployable on fixed or floating platforms and reduces your offshore wind energy project risks including financial, data uncertainty ...

    By ZX Lidars based in Herefordshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • DEHNguard - Model SE H LI - Surge Protective Arrester Devices

    This intelligent surge arrester features an early warning system (Lifetime Indication) which informs the user of an arrester’s end of life at an early stage. With its Lifetime Indication and a discharge capacity up to 65 kA (8/20 µs), this new surge arrester meets the increasing availability requirements of electrical systems in ...

    By DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co.KG. based in Neumarkt, GERMANY. from Power Supply Systems - Red/Line Product line

  • CombiMAX - Low Loader System

    The CombiMAX is a unique, far-reaching low loader concept, the idea of which is based on the variety of combinations with standardised components. The principles of modularity and flexibility are applied to the trailers and step frame semi-trailers for medium to heavy payloads of between 50 and 250 tonnes.

    By Cometto S.p.A. based in Cuneo, ITALY. from Semi-Trailers Product line

  • Model TSN SERIES - Wind Power Transformers

    CELME produces transformers for wind-energy application from several years and provide two series of liquid filled transformers suitable for on-shore and off-shore wind power plants.

    By Celme s.r.l. based in Montebello, ITALY.

  • Wind Turbine Aviation & AtoN Navigation Equipment

    Tideland Signal Corporation has developed and supplied several options of marine AtoN and aviation warning systems specifically designed for Offshore Wind Farms (OWF) – along with associated installations such as Meteorological Masts and Offshore Sub Stations (OSS) – both during the CONSTRUCTION (Temporary AtoN) and OPERATIONAL ...

    By Tideland Signal Corporation - a Xylem Brand based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Offshore Wind Farms Product line

  • Wind Turbines

    By the end of 2012, all installed wind turbines worldwide were generating more than 400 TWh per annum, representing an installed capacity of 240 GW.  In 2011, there was an increase in installed wind power capacity of 21%, making the wind energy industry one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to the Global Wind Energy ...

    By INTPOW – Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners based in Skøyen, NORWAY.

  • IHC - Cablelay Tensioners

    Our cablelay tensioners are proven in the field, and have laid cables on multiple offshore wind farm and interconnector projects. Cablelay tensioners typically have a two-track, vertical configuration. However, we are able to provide horizontal tensioners, as well as three- and four-track variants. Our tensioners are designed to improve the safety ...

    By Royal IHC Holland B.V. based in AA Kinderdijk, NETHERLANDS. from Offshore Wind - Cablelay - Equipment Product line

  • IHC - Cable Laying Vessels

    IHC supplies cable-lay vessels to perform a wide range of tasks. These might include the installation of export and inter-array cables for current and future offshore wind farms, the installation of fibre optic cables for telecoms, and umbilical installation in the offshore oil and gas industry.

    By Royal IHC Holland B.V. based in AA Kinderdijk, NETHERLANDS. from Offshore Wind - Cablelay - Vessels Product line

  • IHC - Inter Array Cable-Lay Vessel

    The most cost effective and efficient array cable-lay vessel designed to help you win cable installation projects. This vessel spends the majority of its time offshore installing cables using a cable-lay system specifically designed for repeating installation sequences of large amounts of array cables.

    By Royal IHC Holland B.V. based in AA Kinderdijk, NETHERLANDS. from Offshore Wind - Cablelay - Vessels Product line

  • IHC - Hydraulic Jacking System

    Consisting of high-quality proven Royal IHC components and automation, our jacking systems allow an effortless and reliable operation. They are custom-designed in-house and can be tailored to your needs.

    By Royal IHC Holland B.V. based in AA Kinderdijk, NETHERLANDS. from Offshore Wind - Eavy Lift and Wind Farm Installation - Equipment Product line

  • 200-05106 Wind Monitor-MA (Marine Model)

    For offshore and marine use, the 200-05106 Wind Monitor-MA offers the added features of special bearing lubricant and sealed heavy duty cable pigtail in place of the junction box.

    By NovaLynx Corporation based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from 200-05106 Wind Monitor-MA (Marine Model) Product line

  • NSW - Submarine Power Cables

    Power generation is increasingly becoming a critical question for humanity. Alternatives to fossil fuels are a necessity. Wind farms are one of many responses to this question. Growing environmental awareness and high wind yields at sea point especially to offshore wind farms as trend-setting power producers. NSW, with its many years of experience ...

    By Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH (NSW) based in Nordenham, GERMANY. from Submarine Power Cables Product line

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