Onshore Wind

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  • Titans Of Industry: These Technologies Stand Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

    It’s an ever-shrinking world. Thanks to mobile technology, entire libraries’ worth of information fit snugly in our hands. We can shop, bank and work an eight-hour shift without leaving our homes. We attend lectures and hold meetings remotely, and visit with loved ones in distant countries. Never has life for much of the population been more convenient, or more physically confined.If ...


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  • Multi-Megawatt Gears Box

    Multi-Megawatt Gears Box

    Highly optimized structures lead to low cost of energy for the wind power industry. This is the leading idea of Moventas’ design work.We have earned our strong position in the industry by innovative technology in multi-megawatt platforms. Serial deliveries of multi-megawatt products since 2004 have shown successful lifecycle performance ever since. We have a wide offering and can tailor our ...