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Wind Energy Equipment

  • Nheolight Hybrid - Self Reliant Lamppost

    Silence: 35dB à 12m/s. Autonomy: 3 à 5 days, 10h/night. Lamp height: from 5, 7 to 9m. Blade length: 1m. Pole: from 7,5m to 11,5m (lamp arm included).

    By Idsud Energies – Nheolis based in Marseille, FRANCE. from Nheolight Product line

  • Piston Accumulators

    Design and manufacturing of piston accumulators according to norm PED (97/23/CE) for all type of applications: Energy: wind, solar, marine and off-shore. Industrial: presses, rolling mills, special machines. Mobile: dump trucks, suspensions.

    By Group Glual based in Azpeitia, SPAIN. from Hydraulic Product line

  • Aegir Dynamo - Electrical Generator

    Ocean Navitas’ technology is called The Aegir Dynamo. The name is derived from the name for the Norse god of the sea ‘Ægir’ and the definition of a dynamo ‘an electrical generator’. The Aegir Dynamo functions in a unique fashion by generating electrical current from the motion of the prime mover in one phase via ...

    By Ocean Navitas Ltd based in Rugby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Solar Ballasted Mount System

    Solar Mounting Solutions’ series of universal solar roof mounting products is one of the first to be certified under the UL 2703 listing for photovoltaic panel mounts. Our product has undergone rigorous testing to evaluate its efficiency and reliability, including 120 mph wind conditions, extreme temperature and humidity cycles, salt ...

    By Solar Mounting Solutions based in Newburgh, NEW YORK (USA). from Solar Mounting Options Product line

  • Moncada - Wind Systems

    The Group completed the procurement phase of the wind turbine production.  Moncada develops small and large wind systems from 200kW to 2 MW.  Some of the components (motors, washers, bearings, etc.) were acquired from other manufacturers who designed the parts according to Moncada specifications, and others, (main frame, rotors, ...

    By Moncada Energy Group S.R.L. based in Porto Empedocle, ITALY.

  • Model TLB and LBO Series - Coiled Chromium Alloy Load Elements

    Thomson Power Systems resistive test load banks utilize coiled chromium alloy load elements supported with cool cast ceramic insulators. 4.5' maximum continuous spacing is provided between each support point. All load resistor ends are fitted with silver soldered stainless steel connection studs.Thomson’s “cool load” resistor ...

    By Thomson Power System- Marathon based in Langley, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Load Banks Product line

  • Daxtro - Wind Plant

    The wind plant has the function of transform wind energy into electricity through a rotating system composite by wind turbines; are capable to convert rotational force into energy. Our systems have the capacity to produce electrical power in a range of 1 to 200 kW. These machines can be used to produce electricity for individual users or groups ...

    By Daxtro Swiss International Engineering Company SARL based in Canobbio, SWITZERLAND. from Daxtro Energy Product line

  • SgurrControlBox - Turbine Control Design Toolbox

    Model, design and test wind and tidal turbine control systems. Build wind or tidal turbines control systems more efficiently with one of the industry's leading design and modelling software tools. The 'SgurrControlBox' control design toolbox is ideal for control and mechanical engineers. The SgurrControlBox embedded in the MATLAB numerical ...

    By SgurrControl based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PowerCube - Generator Cabinet

    High availability 2n configuration with dedicated generator cabinet, housing a dual generator system and separate communications/ancillary equipment cabin.

    By PowerOasis Limited based in Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hybrid Power Systems Product line

  • Telecommunications System

    Industrial solar power plants assure the integrity of wireless networks, particularly those associated with public safety. They are designed and developed to withstand the rigors of mountain top installation or simply as key municipal nodes isolated from ice and wind storms ravaging grid power lines. Industrial solar power keeps a first ...

    By Nevada Solar Designs based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA).

  • Model HS Series - Turbine Flowmeter

    HS Series 'high shock' turbine flowmeters are specifically designed to withstand pressure spikes that create hydraulic shock waves in fluids when actuators or rams are activated. This water hammer effect can dislodge the internals or sheer rotor blades off other turbine designs. The HS Series is based on the FT design providing the same high level ...

    By FTI Flow Technology Inc. based in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA). from Turbine Flowmeter Product line

  • SheerWind - Model Simba 100 KW - Rapid Deployment INVELOX (RDI)

    SheerWind’s INVELOX Simba is ideal for communities, small townships, industrial parks, mining plants, retail stores, or industrial plants. Increasing the output of traditional turbines, INVELOX captures, concentrates and accelerates wind to increase capacity factor.

    By SheerWind based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • ADES - Mixed Polygeneration Systems

    The polygeneration seeks to obtain a continuous supply of electrical energy depending on the energy sources availability and maximum fuel economy. An intelligent system prioritizes most suitable energy source at all times.

  • Geothermal Energy for Homeowners

    Residential homes in the upper midwest and especially in the Chicagoland area will benefit with a geothermal energy system from Earth Wind And Solar Energy.

    By Earth Wind And Solar Energy LLC based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Geothermal Product line

  • Qihong - Wind Turbine Hub

    Auto parts and accessories, sewing machine parts, agricultural machinery parts and accessories, hydraulic parts and accessories, transmission parts and accessories, pump parts and accessories, etc.

  • Qihong - Wind Power Support Base Casting Components

    Auto parts and accessories, sewing machine parts, agricultural machinery parts and accessories, hydraulic parts and accessories, transmission parts and accessories, pump parts and accessories, etc.

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