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  • 7th Largest wind farm replaces mechanical for Ventus ultrasonic sensors - Case Study

    296 turbines of the AES Corporation are located by Buffalo Gap, Texas, US. With a capacity of 524 MW it`s the world`s seventh largest wind farm to-date. The article link below provides a summary of how Performance Engineer at AES, Tristan Lee, was able to optimize the performance of its aging fleet using latest in technology, that includes the Lufft Ventus Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Wind ...


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  • Wind Charge Regulator

    Wind Charge Regulator

    The charge regulator implements the very important function of brake system, that makes first of all safe a LAYER wind-power plant. Our electronic brake system decelerates wind generators immediately in a very reliable and safe way and, in the meantime, they continue to supply power to loads, with no any loss of power generation. Our electronic brake system works at full recharge of batteries and ...