Wind Power Modeling

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  • Bull Creek Wind Project - Case Study

    422,472 MWh: Low Emission Contribution29MW: Generation Capacity17: Turbines installedBull Creek Wind Project, in western Alberta, represents the first of Windlab’s projects to reach operations in North America.

  • Forecasting Exercise - Case Study

    Objective: In 2005, AEE promoted a project related to the prediction of wind farm energy production, known as the Prediction Exercise. The project was financed by AEE and by companies that own ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Wave Energy Systems

    Wave Energy Systems

    The creation of a new industry does not happen very often. But this is really what Waves4Power is all about. We are building a new European energy industry that is totally fossil free and renewable. Waves4Power is a leading player in the green marine energy industry which is expected to be the future in energy production for Europe as well as the rest of the world.


Upcoming Events

  • Energy Production and Management 2019

    Energy Production and Management 2019

    The 4th International Conference on Energy Production and Management follows the very successful meetings held in Ekaterinburg (2014), Ancona (2016) and New Forest, UK (2018), home of the Wessex Institute. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the future of energy production, operation and management in a changing world.The objective is to compare conventional energy sources, particularly ...

Energy Production and Management 2019

Dec. 1rd - 3th | Kuala Lumpur