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Wind Power Modeling equipment for Wind Energy

  • Fulcrum3D - Model Sodar F3D - Robust and Portable Unit

    The SodarF3D is specifically designed for the wind energy industry to deliver visibility of the wind profile on site. The unique design of the SodarF3D delivers excellent performance in complex or simple terrains. Providing insights into the wind profile in various conditions and assessing sites for development suitability are some of the benefits ...

    By Fulcrum3D P/L based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Wind Product line

  • Eno - Model 100 | 2,2 MW - Wind Turbine

    Highest efficiency – This is what construction and design of the eno 100 stands for. Based on the established platform of eno 92 added by a rotor diameter of 100 meters and with this about 18 % more swept area, the eno 100 combines optimally compactness, solid engineering and much increased yields. The design of eno 100 is specialy developed ...

    By e.n.o. energy GmbH based in Ostseebad Rerik, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Saiam - Model SA-WGTS-3KW - Grid-connected Wind Power System

    System Configuration: 1pcs rated power 3KW pitch-controlled horizontal axis wind turbine (model: SA-3KWP). 1pcs rated power 3KW wind grid-tied inverter (model: SA-WG3K-TL). 1pcs 3KW grid-tied wind controller (with dumpload). 1 set of 9m guyed cable or free standing tower.

    By Zhangzhou Saiam Power Technology Co.,Ltd. based in Zhangzhou City, CHINA. from Grid-connected Wind Power System Product line

  • Mobotix - Webcams for Any Weather

    Mobotix webcams for any weather. We mainly work with Mobotix webcams, which are highly weather-resistant and durable. These webcams include an independent Linux web server for configuration, data storage and data transfer. Data transmission takes place via a dedicated line or a cellular router (GPRS). Supplemented with an infrared illuminator, the ...

    By Meteotest based in Bern, SWITZERLAND. from Measurements Product line

  • Small Wind Turbines

    It is an old tradition to use wind as an energy source. Today this energy undergoes a renaissance. Due to the technical development these options are already available for owners of single family homes, farmers and business enterprises. So-called small wind turbines can be built in different variants starting from 0 to 100 kW.

    By ALRESO Energy Solution based in Münchberg, GERMANY. from Wind Product line

  • Wind Power Prediction & Trading Information System

    The next generation Wind Power Prediction & Trading Information system for wind park owners and grid operators.

    By Aquiloz based in Bergen, NORWAY.

  • Single Phase Soft Starters

    This product has been developed specifically to soft start large single phase compressors and motors. It provides a dramatic reduction in the starting current but still provides full start torque. It will automatically adjust itself to cover the range of 1.75 to 7 hp. It is fully self-contained in a conveniently small, double insulated and flame ...

    By Hyper Engineering Pty. Ltd based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA).

  • Eno - Model 82 - 2,05 MW - Wind Turbine

    Dependable yields even at highest requirements are ensured by the eno 82 due to its highly innovative full-power converter and control technology combined with a robust, dependable machine design. Flexible hub heights starting from 58.6 metres allow for a wide range of applications. Because of its compact dimensions and its optimal component ...

    By e.n.o. energy GmbH based in Ostseebad Rerik, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Wave Energy Systems

    The creation of a new industry does not happen very often. But this is really what Waves4Power is all about. We are building a new European energy industry that is totally fossil free and renewable. Waves4Power is a leading player in the green marine energy industry which is expected to be the future in energy production for Europe as well as the ...

    By W4P Waves4Power AB based in Västra Frölunda, SWEDEN.

  • ZX - Model 300M - Offshore Wind LiDAR

    ZX 300M Wind Lidar delivers finance grade wind data offshore at a reduced cost compared to traditional anemometry often comprising tall met mast structures and seabed foundations. ZX 300M is flexible; deployable on fixed or floating platforms and reduces your offshore wind energy project risks including financial, data uncertainty and health & ...

    By ZX Lidars based in Herefordshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hefei - Model 600W 48V - Wind Solar Hybrid Controller

    The wind/solar hybrid controller is control device which can control wind turbine and solar panel at the same time and     transform wind and solar energy into electricity then store to the battery bank.   Wind/solar hybrid controller is the most important part in off-grid system, whose performance has much effect on ...

    By Hefei Win Power Co., Ltd. based in Anhui, CHINA. from Wind Solar Hybrid Controller Product line

  • VDV - Wind Energy Toolkit

    With the increasing demand for clean energy Wind Energy has become the worlds fastest growing electricity generation technology.  Vista Data Vision is a powerful software for studying the expected outcome from a Wind Site as well as comparing Wind Turbine's real performance to the design criteria.

    By Vista Engineering / Vista Data Vision based in Reykjavik, ICELAND.

  • Libellula - Model 20 kW - Small Wind Turbine

    Libellula 20 kW is a simple and efficient small wind turbine, designed to maximize efficiency in energy production. It is equipped with a large 2 bladed rotor which grant simplicity of installation and high performances even in less windy sites. Reliable and safe, Libellula 20kW is the ideal turbine for farms, small industries and communities.

    By Aria s.r.l based in Prato (PO), ITALY.

  • Eno - Model 92 | 2,2 MW - Wind Turbine

    With its flexible hub heights up to 123 metres and a swept rotor area of 6,764 m even at low wind speed sites the eno 92 provides for profitable yields. Optimal compatibility in all grids is ensured by the eno 92 due to its highly innovative full-power converter technology.The generator design exhibits a consequential strict avoidance of all rare ...

    By e.n.o. energy GmbH based in Ostseebad Rerik, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Products For Power Production

    SMHI offers a wide range of products and services related to meteorology and hydrology that gives you valuable guidance for your planning, optimisation and daily operation.

    By SMHI International Consulting Services based in Norrköping, SWEDEN. from Energy Product line

  • Wind Power

    For establishment of single power plants or entire parks; we offer technical solutions for all types of projects based on our expertise and long experience.

    By SMHI International Consulting Services based in Norrköping, SWEDEN. from Energy Product line

  • Offshore Personnel Tracking System

    The VisSim Offshore Personnel Tracking System is an integrated part of a solution for Vessel Traffic Management on Offshore Wind farms. The system consists of various interfacing software & hardware modules. VisSim designed the system for marine coordinators by providing a real time overview of personnel whereabouts which is vital during ...

    By VisSim AS based in Horten, NORWAY.

  • Wind Turbines

    Onshore wind turbines have become less attractive as potential power produces for many reasons including the visual impact on the environment. They are though quite rightly being sited offshore where consistant wind speeds ensure the production of electricity is far more reliable and less intrusive on our immediate environments.

    By Lincs Eco Energy Performance Ltd (LEEP) based in Brigg, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • WESPA - Model 750KW - Wind Turbine

    The production of the 200/225 kW turbine is overseen by our industrial partner and the design is guaranteed through the technology transfer and agreement by a solid danish firm, who features over 400 installations worldwide and oversees the production of turbines from 200 kW to 750 kW by licensees in Boston, India and Brazil.

    By Wind Engineering S.p.A. (WESPA) based in Grosseto, ITALY.

  • Marine Wind Power

    For establishment of wind power plants at sea, careful investigations are needed. The load on the power plants is great from the wind, waves, currents and ice, and the costs for maintenance is closely related to the weather. In addition, there are often external requirements, such as environmental regulations, to take into account.

    By SMHI International Consulting Services based in Norrköping, SWEDEN. from Energy Product line

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