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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Is your ETRM Capability Following the Market?

    You may agree with it or not and viewpoints may differ from where you are in the world, but arguably there is a move to switching to renewable sources of energy. Tesla’s company valuation just surpassed ExxonMobil. Royal Dutch Shell cut its dividend for the first time since World War. German parliament approved a coal phase-out. With this shift from legacy energy commodities ...

  • Blue Energy Project

    PurposeContribute to the global fight against climate change and to reach the strategic target of the European Union (transition to a low carbon economy with 27% renewable energy sources by 2030).


Equipment & Solutions

  • Oil Filled Shunt Reactors

    Oil Filled Shunt Reactors

    Elgin Power Solutions is the leader in oil-filled shunt reactors. Shunt reactors are used for adding lagging VARs to compensate for capacitive generation in long cable runs. Under normal operation of a power system the current is essentially determined by the connected ohmic and inductive loads. High voltage transmission lines and cables however have an inherent capacitance, causing a capacitive ...

Upcoming Events

  • E-Talia 2020

    E-Talia 2020

    A Strategy & Technology Summit to drive the Italian Energy Transition of Solar, Wind Power and Electric Vehicles. This annual congress will help accelerate solar, wind power projects, grid investments, energy storage, asset management and EV charging network across one of Europe’s strongest renewable energy markets.