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Wind Solar Hybrid equipment for Wind Energy

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    Geonica - Risk of Lightning Monitoring System

    Although the statistical probability of being directly hit by lightning is very difficult to assess, it is no less true that innumerable atmospheric discharges occur daily around the world. For example, over 20 million flashes strike the ground in the United States every year affecting virtually every facet of our lives, from personal safety, to ...

    By Geonica SA based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Other Systems Product line

  • 1-2kw Off Grid Solar Inverter

    Off grid solar inverter is the lastest model presented by Zhejiang Eifesun Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. This off grid inverters have achieved significant improvements on Battery charging, AC transfer, etc. By adopting DIP (Dual In-line Package) switch, the EPVF provide more smart options for users to customize the performance of the device.

    By Eifesun based in Wenzhou, CHINA.

  • SBE - DC Link Capacitors for Conversion and Inverters

    SBE has developed a leading edge film capacitor technology for the critical DC link application in automotive HEV, PHEV, and EV powertrain inverters. This unique and patented Power Ring Film CapacitorTM technology with industry leading parameters provides the most advanced DC Link capability on the market. Since then, thousands of systems have ...

    By SBE, Inc. based in Barre, VERMONT (USA).

  • RBI - Roof Mount System

    In an age where space comes at a premium, solar roof mount solutions are the preferred choice for solar projects worldwide. The structural stability of any roof mounted system is paramount, and we pay special attention to this factor. RBI Solar’s non-penetrating roof mount solar systems are cost-effective to install and are made of durable, ...

    By RBI Solar Inc. based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Stand Alone Systems

    Stand-alone solar/wind/hybrid systems can eliminate the need to build expensive new power lines to remote locations. For rural and remote applications, renewable energy can cost less than any other means of producing electricity. Renewable energy systems can also connect to existing power lines to boost electricity output during times of high ...

    By AYTON Clean Energy based in Bujumbura, BURUNDI.

  • Emax Dyna Wing Evolution

    SCOD Presents the Fastest and Greenest Superyacht in the World; The Emax E-Volution, a Solar Hybrid Schooner with a maximum speed of 28 knts and an Unlimited Zero Carbon Cruising Range at 14 knts. Built by Ned Ship the 66m Emax E-Volution is a culmination of the very best the Yachting world has to offer.

    By Sauter Carbon Offset Design based in Kuta, INDONESIA.

  • Power Production Systems

    Nocart power production systems consist everything required for renewable electricity production as turn key delivery. The heart is always Nocart Power Management Unit that controls the power production no matter the size of the installation. This way all the benefits of industrial scale power electronics and modularity transfer directly to Nocart ...

    By Nocart Ltd. based in LAHTI, FINLAND.

  • Hybrid System

    We built a device via a total system solution that captures the abundant free Solar and Wind power provided by nature. Our solution complements Solar since Wind picks up at Night when there is no Sun and provides power augmentation. This also significantly improves the capacity factor of the Solar Only solution. Thus making it a viable off grid ...

    By West Wind Power Inc. based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • REDT - Energy Storage Batteries

    Following 10 years of R&D Camco’s REDT* has produced a long lasting, environmentally friendly Vanadium Redox flow battery. The modular REDT energy storage system comes in a range of power and storage capabilities and can be used for a number of applications including time shifting solar and wind energy, peaking shaving and back-up power.

    By Camco Clean Energy Company based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TES)

    Storing electricity is expensive and inefficient but storing heat has significant benefits. That is why we convert the solar power to electricity after the storage instead of before. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is the obvious and optimal choice for electricity on-demand all hours of the day.

    By Azelio AB based in Göteborg, SWEDEN.

  • BTI - Building Turbines Technology

    The team at Building Turbines believes in a multi-faceted approach to meeting today’s demanding energy requirements. We also believe that renewable energy sources should play a prominent role.

    By Building Turbines, Inc. (BTI) based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Energy Ball - Model V100 and V200 - Virtually Silent Wind Turbine

    This spherical and virtually silent wind turbine is characterized by the curved rotor blades, which are attached to the rotor hub at both ends. When the Energy Ball® rotor turns it resembles an elongated sphere. This unique feature causes the wind to move parallel to the rotor hub through the rotor. This wind flow pattern forms a key contrast with ...

    By Clean Energy Storage, Inc based in PUERTO RICO.

  • Power Tower Hybrid System

    The Power Tower is the ultimate platform for creating your own power for off-grid independence. It offers the synergistic benefits of tapping both solar and wind energy and in a package that caters to safety, convenience and elegance. Combining both power generators (wind turbine with solar panels) in a single structure results in material-use and ...

    By Independent Power Systems (IPS) based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA).

  • Pika - Model X3001 - Wind + Solar Home Hybrid Inverter

    The X3001 3.0-kW grid-tie inverter is the heart of a clean energy system from Pika Energy, connecting the T701 Wind Turbine to the grid to offset a customer's electric bill. And unlike typical inverters, the X3001 accepts power from any combination of wind and solar sources, thanks to REbus™ DC Nanogrid technology. That means customers can ...

    By Pika Energy based in Westbrook, MAINE (USA).

  • SolarCast - Model MP-4000 - Mobile Power Platform

    The Mobile Power Platform Model MP-4000 provides portable power at locations where a power grid connection is not feasible or cost effective. The key benefits of the MP-4000 is a substantial fuel savings over an equivalent fossil fuel powered generator, increased safety through spark risk reduction and no maintenance shutdown required. The primary ...

    By SolarCast LLC based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Focus - Model E130 - Residential Meters

    The E130 FOCUS AL provides the utility industry with a reliable and economical solid-state meter platform that easily adapts to various advanced metering technologies and applications. 

    By Landis Gyr AG based in Zug, SWITZERLAND. from Residential Electricity Meters Product line

  • Maarky - Solar Power Plant Heat Exchangers

    The pressing need to lower emissions from fossil power plants has focused worldwide attention on renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.  Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants have emerged as strong contenders for alternate sources of energy.  Rapid advances in mirror technology have slowly but steadily ...

    By Maarky Thermal Systems based in Cherry Hill, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Hybrid Microgeneration System

    GENESAL ENERGY Hybrid Microgeneration Systems optimize power generation based on the required energy demand. It is designed to operate as an autonomous continuous source of energy in installations where the grid is unavailable. It can function autonomously for up to 1000 hours.  Genesal Energy hybrid generators are the ideal solution for ...

    By Genesal Energy based in Bergondo, SPAIN. from Hybrid Generators Product line

  • BORNAY - Small Wind Turbines

    Bornay Small Windturbines, is a complete line of wind turbines, with a nominal power between 0,6 to 6 kW, that can provide energy to all kind of installations, mainly cabins, homes, small companies, farms, telecom sites ... Bornay small wind turbines are designed to work in parallel with solar PV systems. The combination of a wind turbine with a ...

    By Bornay based in Castalla (Alicante), SPAIN. from Small Wind Turbines Product line

  • Grid System

    The traditional Grid is composed of energy producers, distributors, utilities, customers, and regulators. The Grid was designed to safely and reliably distribute energy from large generators through monitored transmission lines to consumers – with major aspects of energy generation and distribution controlled. The Grid has preventive ...

    By Apparent Inc. based in Novato, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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