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  • TOWERPOWER - Case Study

    TOWERPOWER - Case Study

    Objective: TOWERPOWER was focused on the development of a real-time remote monitoring system to diagnose the aging of the metal structure of offshore turbines. The ultimate goal was to reduce maintenance costs in offshore wind energy.

  • Collgar Wind Farm - Case Study

    4,925,563 MWh: Low Emission Contribution206MW: Generation CapacityA$750M: Project Cost111: Turbines InstalledWindlab identified the site in 2006 from a WindScape high resolution map of the state, ...


  • Technological progress pumps up US project performance

    Longer blades and taller towers are having a dramatic effect on wind project output in the US, according to the Department of Energy (DoE).The DoE`s latest wind technologies market report, compiled by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, found ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Micro Wind Turbine

    Micro Wind Turbine

    The SkyWind NG is the very first micro wind turbine designed with the same passion and expertise currently known only from large scale megawatt turbines. Key aspects are its high power and durability at comparatively small size and weight. Its patented all metal design provides unique strengh and an unmatchable service life. Every turbine consists of a turbine with rotor and grid inverter (230V ...