Wind Tower

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  • Titans Of Industry: These Technologies Stand Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

    It’s an ever-shrinking world. Thanks to mobile technology, entire libraries’ worth of information fit snugly in our hands. We can shop, bank and work an eight-hour shift without leaving our homes. We attend lectures and hold meetings remotely, and visit with loved ones in distant countries. Never has life for much of the population been more convenient, or more physically confined.If ...

  • Collgar Wind Farm - Case Study

    4,925,563 MWh: Low Emission Contribution206MW: Generation CapacityA$750M: Project Cost111: Turbines InstalledWindlab identified the site in 2006 from a WindScape high resolution map of the state, ...


  • Technological progress pumps up US project performance

    Longer blades and taller towers are having a dramatic effect on wind project output in the US, according to the Department of Energy (DoE).The DoE`s latest wind technologies market report, compiled by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, found ...

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  • Wind Power

    Wind Power

    At Ecosolar options, we offer a wide range of wind power turbines that can generate enough power for your home, business, Hospitals, farms,hotels,estates schools and villages. Windpower can provide electricity of 200W,500 W, 900W, 1000W, 2000W, 3000 W and above depending on the kind of unit installed.