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Wind Turbine Blades equipment for Wind Energy

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    Viking Wind - Model 25 kW - Household Wind Turbine

    Viking 25 is the first in the series of Viking household wind turbines. The turbine was constructed in 2009 and has since then been tested in Denmark with the largest number of wind turbines in operation at that time. The turbine has with great conviction verified its strength during severe storms and without any accidents.

    By Viking Wind ApS based in Randers SØ, DENMARK.

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    Viking Wind - Model VS - Household Wind Turbine

    This household wind turbine is based on the well tested and dependable predecessor – Viking 25. All the good properties from the predecessor have been continued, but Viking VS has been streamlined on performance and made more flexible.

    By Viking Wind ApS based in Randers SØ, DENMARK.

  • SoDARs - Model 4000i/4000s - Phased Array Systems

    The 4000 series SoDARs are the latest of the Model 4000 product line. These phased array SoDAR systems are based on research dating back to the early 1990’s and have been continuously improved along the way. The 4000 product line features a built in LCD display enabling users to easily access the system and change settings while in the ...

  • Suzlon - Model S97 - Wind Turbine Generator – 2.1MW

    S97 Wind Turbine Generator is a part of our latest 2.1 MW range of products, the S97 Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) has been designed to make low wind sites viable.

    By Suzlon Energy Limited based in Hadapsar, INDIA.

  • Senwei - Model SWT-10KW - Variable Pitch Wind Turbine

    SWT-10KW variable pitch wind turbine has been installed and used in large quantities in developed countries and regions such as the United States, Austria, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Latvia and so on because of it with it's good performance. This shows that for the small variable pitch controlled wind turbine market, SENWEI brand ...

    By Senwei Energy Technology Inc based in WenZhou City, CHINA.

  • Senwei - Model SWT-50kw - Variable Pitch Wind Turbine

    50kW variable pitch wind turbine is a medium-sized wind turbine with the latest advanced technology. The previous market of medium-sized wind turbine like 50 kW 60kW 100kW is blank. Nobody produces this kind of product. With the increasing market demand this recent year, this kind of medium-sized wind turbine represented ...

    By Senwei Energy Technology Inc based in WenZhou City, CHINA.

  • GE - Model 2.5-120 and 2.75-120 - Wind Turbine

    Designed for IEC Wind Class IIIs, GE’s 2.75-120 wind turbine features a 120-meter rotor in combination with the proven single-blade pitch control. The 2.75-120 offers the latest enhancements in load management controls, low acoustic emissions, efficient electrical power conversion and robust performance.

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Wind Energizer - Aerodynamic Wind Turbine Model

    Innovative patented technology for increasing the power output of large wind turbines. Wind energy is considered to be one of the fastest growing markets globally. Leviathan Energy offers a technology for new and existing wind farms to produce more energy from a relatively small investment. Leviathan Energy, using aerodynamic modeling, has ...

    By Leviathan Energy LLC. based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Wind Turbines Energy

    Can we light up the world and fuel our vehicles without polluting the environment? The answer may be blowing in the wind. It's not enough to set up hundreds of turbines at a blustery site to create a 'wind farm' and hope that consistent gusts will generate electricity. It's necessary to know where fast winds blow and how best to harness them since ...

    By PDR Associates Energy Group based in East Brunswick, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Model CF 19.5 - Radial Generator Wind Turbine

    The CF19.5 is a 19.5kWradial generatorwind turbine with active blade pitch and an active yaw. The radial generator offers better power performance and an increased AEP on our competitors.  TheRadial generatorhas a high magnetic flux. The magnets have multiple coatings and are sealed in a glass fibre/epoxy coating. This means that a magnet can ...

    By C & F Green Energy Ltd based in Co. Galway, IRELAND.

  • Media Converters

    BGB Technology now offers Media Converters for 100Mbps and 1Gbps Ethernet to fiber.  BGB are currently developing further protocols including: A range of BUS systems (Profibus, Canbus). A range of NET systems (Profi Net, Arc Net to name but a few).

    By BGB Technology, Inc. based in VIRGINIA (USA).

  • TrailKing - Miscellaneous Multi-Axle Trailers

    Trail King manufactures a wide variety of custom hauling solutions for the specialized transport industry, including multi-axle suspension beam and dual lane transport trailers, extendables, hydraulic steering dollies and Schnable necks, wind turbine blade haulers, and more.

    By Trail King Industries Inc based in Mitchell, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA). from Specialized Trailers Product line

  • Intepro - Model PAS-F Series - Grid Simulator

    The Intepro PAS-F Series is a broad line of programmable three phase output regenerative utility grid simulator products. With power levels ranging from 45kVA up to 1.6MVA, the series is capable of testing the largest of dispersed energy inverters. The PAS-F combines utility grid simulation with regenerative bi-directional AC source controlled ...

    By Intepro Systems America, LP based in Tustin,, CALIFORNIA (USA). from AC Sources Product line

  • Senwei - Model SWT-30kw - Variable Pitch Wind Turbine

    30 kW variable pitch wind turbines use the same variable pitch controlled technology as large megawatt wind turbines. They operate safely and output power more stably. They are mainly used for grid-connected/grid on power generation in commercial mode, and can also be used for off-grid power supply with solar power plants in some remote areas. ...

    By Senwei Energy Technology Inc based in WenZhou City, CHINA.

  • Wind Turbine Towers

    We are one of the largest producers of utility scale steel wind energy towers in North America. Wind towers are a growing source of renewable energy that provides clean, sustainable power in the U.S.  Wind towers support a wind turbine and its other components, holding the nacelle, rotor, and blades of a wind turbine. The tower positions the ...

    By Broadwind Energy, Inc. based in Cicero, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Amberplastic - Parts for Wind Turbines

    Amberplastic, UAB produces blades for wind turbines of low output, which can be of 4 types, depending on production technology and material chosen. Depending on the intended operating conditions and the technical requirements of the product itself, the blades may be:

    By Amberplastic based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA.

  • IPC – Individual Pitch Control

    State-of –the –art IPC technology of the blades provides dynamic blade angle adjustment at the very start of the process to give maximum control of the wind input.

    By Wikov Holding based in Plzeň, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Thinair - Model 102 - Wind Turbine

    Innovative single blade and teetering hub design offers quiet, efficient and affordable home energy.

    By Powerhouse Wind Ltd based in Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND.

  • XZERES - Model 442SR - Small Wind Turbine

    The XZERES 442SR small wind turbine has the most efficient rotor design tested by a third party in the small wind industry today. Its performance has been tested and validated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and can produce up to 40% more energy than its competitors of the same rating in some wind resources.

    By XZERES Wind based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA).

  • MUST - Model 100W - Horizontal Wind Turbine

    Material of blades: High efficiency FRP material. Ultraviolet prevention rosin. Unidirectional high strength glass fiber. Modernization craft vacuum cast technique synthesis. Number of blades:3PCS. Diameter of blades: 21.0M. Material of dome:FRP. Number of dome:1PCS.

    By MUST sarl based in Beirut, LEBANON. from MUST Horizontal Wind Turbine Product line

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