Wind Turbine Installation

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  • Titans Of Industry: These Technologies Stand Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

    It’s an ever-shrinking world. Thanks to mobile technology, entire libraries’ worth of information fit snugly in our hands. We can shop, bank and work an eight-hour shift without leaving our homes. We attend lectures and hold meetings remotely, and visit with loved ones in distant countries. Never has life for much of the population been more convenient, or more physically confined.If ...

  • Coopers Gap Wind Farm - Case Study

    A$850M: Project Cost1,510,000MWh:  Expected low Emission Contribution123: Turbines installed453MW: Generation capacityCoopers Gap Wind Farm is a 453MW wind energy project to be located at ...


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  • Household Wind Turbine

    Household Wind Turbine

    Viking 25 is the first in the series of Viking household wind turbines. The turbine was constructed in 2009 and has since then been tested in Denmark with the largest number of wind turbines in operation at that time. The turbine has with great conviction verified its strength during severe storms and without any accidents.