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Wind Turbine Installation equipment for Wind Energy

  • Showcase

    Viking Wind - Model VS - Household Wind Turbine

    This household wind turbine is based on the well tested and dependable predecessor – Viking 25. All the good properties from the predecessor have been continued, but Viking VS has been streamlined on performance and made more flexible.

    By Viking Wind ApS based in Randers SØ, DENMARK.

  • Premium

    Strikesorb - Model 40 - Surge Protective Device

    Strikesorb 40 surge protection devices protect mission-critical applications from lightning surges and overvoltage events. Even in the most lightning prone environments, Strikesorb 40 surge suppressor modules are capable of absorbing and dissipating the extreme energy of lightning strikes without degradation to the module. Suitable for wind ...

    By Raycap based in Maroussi Athens, GREECE. from Surge Protection - AC Protection - Strikesorb Surge Protective Devices Product line

  • Wind Power Systems

    Energy prices continue to spiral therefore every avenue needs to be explored to reduce energy costs. If you are interested in energy from a wind turbine(s) situated on your site, to invest in it yourself or by others and if you need consultancy services to assist you in getting the best solution from the many developer options available contact us ...

    By Peak Energy Ltd. based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model ATB 500.54 - Wind Turbine Machine

    A variable pitch controlled wind turbine with a 54 m rotor. Since installation of the first prototype in 1997, wind turbines with total capacity of over 20 MW have been installed with successful operation in Germany, Austria and Canada. The turbine is available in 50 m or 73 m hub heights. The towers are manufactured using the highest quality ...

    By ATB Riva Calzoni SpA based in RONCADELLE (Bs), ITALY. from Wind Power Product line

  • Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbines can be one of the most cost effective renewable energy technologies you can install. They produce a significant amount of electricity that can be used at the property and sold back to the national grid for a profit. Wind turbines are best installed in open spaces away from nearby buildings or obstacles – If you live in the open ...

    By Cambridge Solar Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Vistal Floating Turbine

    Istal Floating Turbine is a patent pending solution for offshore floating windmill farms created by Vistal Wind Power Sp. z o.o. VFT reduces the risk for assembly crew when installing the windmill in dangerous weather conditions. VFT reduces the stand-by time and the cost of transport of equipment when the windmill needs reparation. VFT gives ...

    By Vistal Gdynia SA based in Gdynia, POLAND.

  • Senwei - Model SWT-5kw - Household Variable Pitch Wind Turbine

    5kw household variable pitch wind turbine manufacturer, China supplier-SENWEI ENERGY as the best quality small wind turbine generator manufacturer, already has a good reputation abroad, especially in European countries such as Italy, France, Britain, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Denmark and so on. They praise the technical stability of our SWT-5KW ...

    By Senwei Energy Technology Inc based in WenZhou City, CHINA.

  • XANT - Model L-33 - 330kW Direct Drive Wind Turbine (Typhoon Proof)

    Based on the succesfull certified platform of the XANT M (100kW), we develloped a 330kW direct drive wind turbine. As the XANT M windturbine, the XANT L is available: -/ in a stand alone tower and a guy wired tower which allows a crane-less installation. -/ with an optional concrete-less foundation.

    By XANT NV based in Brussels, BELGIUM.

  • Wind Control Panel

    Primus Wind Power is pleased to offer a low cost analog control panel for use with AIR Breeze and AIR 40 12 VDC wind turbines. The panel is easy to install and will result in a professional operator station enhancing the beauty and value of your vessel or home installation. It helps to reduce installation costs and makes wiring a snap with just 4 ...

    By Primus Wind Power based in Lakewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Spica - Model SCS - Wind Turbine Controller

    By replacing your old wind turbine control system with the Spica SCS Retrofit Wind Turbine Controller in your ageing turbine, you can reduce downtime and optimise performance as troubleshooting becomes faster and more qualified. With the Spica SCS Retrofit Controller, wind turbine owners can replace their old control system with a new wind turbine ...

    By Spica Technology ApS based in Silkeborg, DENMARK.

  • Havkraft - hybrid Systems

    We believe the world needs a mix of various energy sources. In this mix wave power is one of the most important ones, being a «natural battery» producing energy even after the sun has set and the wind has calmed. To make the most out of the energy mix, we need to build integrated systems where multimple energy sources are as one. ...

    By Havkraft AS based in Raudeberg, NORWAY.

  • Daxtro - Wind Plant

    The wind plant has the function of transform wind energy into electricity through a rotating system composite by wind turbines; are capable to convert rotational force into energy. Our systems have the capacity to produce electrical power in a range of 1 to 200 kW. These machines can be used to produce electricity for individual users or groups ...

    By Daxtro Swiss International Engineering Company SARL based in Canobbio, SWITZERLAND. from Daxtro Energy Product line

  • Fortis Passaat - Model 48VDC - Wind Turbine System

    Configuration with Fortis Voltage Controller & Battery charger MP-30A-48V and dump load.

    By Fortis Wind Energy based in Hoogkerk, NETHERLANDS. from Passaat - Off Grid Wind Power Configuration Product line

  • Model XII - Lite Dali Power Tower

    Dali PowerTower Lite is a hybrid wind-solar power station designed for easy installation in remote locations. It is installed on a design- and patent-protected 12 metre Dali XII wooden tower. The Dali PowerTower Lite hybrid wind-solar power station is suitable for a variety of applications. It can provide electricity for a summer ...

    By InnoVentum AB based in Malmö, SWEDEN. from Hybrid Product line

  • Wind Energy

    Electricity from wind energy is one of the fastest growing methods of electrical generation in the world. Kinetic energy from moving air is converted into electricity by wind turbines that are mounted in locations where there are favourable weather patterns. Wind turbines may be employed individually, but are often installed in groups to form ...

    By Canmet ENERGY - Natural Resources Canada based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Renewables Product line

  • Wind Energy Storage

    GE’s battery software applications are part of its Brilliant Turbine platform. The battery technology enables short-term energy storage as part of the complete turbine system. Integrating the battery into the wind turbine allows wind farm operators to benefit from wind energy storage without the high costs of farm-level battery storage ...

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Suzlon - Model S66-1.25 MW - Wind Turbines

    With the introduction of new, high-yield next generation wind turbines, Suzlon has phased out its older WTG models viz. S88, S82, S66, and S52. We however, continue to support, operate and maintain all our installed wind turbines. The S66-1.25 MW is designed for generating the optimal power output even at sites with a modest wind speed regime. ...

    By Suzlon Energy Limited based in Hadapsar, INDIA. from Classic Fleet Product line

  • Aeolos - Model H 2000W - Horizon Axis Wind Turbine

    Aeolos-H 2kw wind turbine is the main residential wind turbine model. It is reliable, easy installation and free maintenance. Aeolos-H 2000w has high efficiency and can start up easily in low wind speed with maximum output power up to 3000W. As the most popular residential wind power generator, 2kw wind turbine can meet daily electricity needs of ...

    By Aeolos Wind Energy Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Horizon Axis Wind Turbines Product line

  • WindEYE - Wind Turbine LiDAR

    The WindEYE is Windar’s nacelle-mounted LiDAR intended for retrofit installation. The WindEYE is a nacelle-mounted LiDAR that measures wind direction and wind speed 80m in front of the turbine. The WindEYE is a cost efficient optimisation solution that can yield an AEP increase of 1-4%, while having a payback time of only 1-4 years. The ...

    By Windar Photonics A/S based in Taastrup, DENMARK.

  • Libellula - Model 60i - Wind Turbine

    Libellula 60i is the best performing turbine amongst the Libellula series. In this model the converter group has been replaced by a last generation inverter (Made in Italy). This feature improves the turbine’s power output up to 60 kW. Libellula 60i is today one of the small wind turbines in the market with the best cost-performance ratio.

    By Aria s.r.l based in Prato (PO), ITALY.

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