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Wind Turbine Installation equipment for Wind Energy

  • Showcase

    Viking Wind - Model VS - Household Wind Turbine

    This household wind turbine is based on the well tested and dependable predecessor – Viking 25. All the good properties from the predecessor have been continued, but Viking VS has been streamlined on performance and made more flexible.

    By Viking Wind ApS based in Randers SØ, DENMARK.

  • Premium

    Strikesorb - Model 40 - Surge Protective Device

    Strikesorb 40 surge protection devices protect mission-critical applications from lightning surges and overvoltage events. Even in the most lightning prone environments, Strikesorb 40 surge suppressor modules are capable of absorbing and dissipating the extreme energy of lightning strikes without degradation to the module. Suitable for wind ...

    By Raycap based in Maroussi Athens, GREECE. from Surge Protection - AC Protection - Strikesorb Surge Protective Devices Product line

  • Lagerwey - Model L100-2.5MW - Wind Turbine

    The L100 is a 2.5 MW wind turbine designed for IEC class IIIa locations. The smart and slim design, particularly in combination with our Modular Steel Mast (MST), make this turbine highly profitable. The modular structure of this tower is able to reach a 135 metre shaft height, which significantly improves the wind conditions, resulting in better ...

    By Lagerwey Wind BV & Lagerwey Systems BV based in MR Barneveld, NETHERLANDS. from Turbines Product line

  • XANT - Model M-21 - Mid Size / Small Wind Turbines 100 KW Direct Drive, Suited for Extreme Average Winspeeds and Typhoon Proof

    The M-21 is a direct drive 100kW windturbine Class IA = hig average windspeed and windgusts up to 70m/s Fits in only one 40 foot container Tower is available in a free standing tower and guy wired tower which has a crane-less installation Concrete-less foundation available Cold Climate package including blade heating available Hot climate package ...

    By XANT NV based in Brussels, BELGIUM.

  • WindVISION - Wind Turbine

    The WindVISION is a complete strategy for both yaw and pitch optimisation, which integrates with the wind turbine controller.

    By Windar Photonics A/S based in Taastrup, DENMARK.

  • Shockwave Technology

    The company has designed a special type of wind turbine, which may be placed in horizontal or vertical operating position and that is activated by the abovementioned shock wave. When the installation takes place on a highway, the wind turbine can also exploit the natural wind. In any case, the electric power produced can either be channeled to the ...

    By WINDSOL LTD based in Greece, GREECE.

  • Model nED100 - Wind Turbine for Large Companies

    If your Company is sensitive to climate change and has carbon reduction and sustainability commitments, our nED100 Wind Turbine can help you meet your targets. Let us assess the possibilities our wind turbine can offer to your portfolio of installations, whether they are headquarters, manufacturing plants or retailer selling points. We will put ...

    By Norvento based in Lugo, SPAIN. from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Polaris - Small Farm Wind Turbines

    Polaris small wind turbines with capacity ratings from 20kw to 100kw pack all the power and attributes of a large wind turbine, in a small wind turbine – making them ideal for use in farming.

    By Polaris America, LLC based in Allenwood, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Westwind - Wind Turbine

    Westwind Wind Turbines are based in Northern Ireland, (they were formerly of Perth Australia)  manufacturers of 3kW, 5kW, 10kW & 20kW wind turbines suitable for both on and off grid installations. The turbines are built to a high standard and finish which is not always found in the small turbine  market. The majority of ...

    By Altergen Ltd. based in Shrewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Aeolos - Model H 1kW - Horizon Axis Wind Turbine

    Aeolos-H 1kw wind turbine is a simple, easy installation and reliable wind generator with tail. The first installation was made in 1986 in Denmark as the off grid application for home power supply. The output can be DC 48v for battery charging or DC 110v for grid tie application with SMA Wind Boy 1100 inverter. As a residential wind turbine, it ...

    By Aeolos Wind Energy Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Horizon Axis Wind Turbines Product line

  • Polaris - Model 101 - Residential Wind Turbines

    When most of us think about wind turbines, we think about giant windmill-like mechanisms spread out over acres and acres of farmland. However, more and more communities and individual homeowners are using residential wind turbines to lower utility costs without using up natural resources or polluting the air. In fact, many view a residential wind ...

    By Polaris America, LLC based in Allenwood, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Aeolos - Model H 500W - Horizon Axis Wind Turbine

    Aeolos-H 500W wind turbine is a simple, easy installation and free maintenance small wind turbine with permanent magnet generator. Aeolos 500w wind turbines were used for home lighting and street light projects. The output is DC 24v or AC 220V after the inverter. There were hundreds of Aeolos 300W and 500W wind turbines installed for wind & ...

    By Aeolos Wind Energy Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Horizon Axis Wind Turbines Product line

  • Model PL-002 - Solar LED Street Lights

    SL-PL002  Solar Street light 4,5m Fully automatic operation. Wireless controls and monitoring. The best qualit  in China. Fully automatic operation. The Light switches ON in the evening and switches OFF in the morning. Wireless controls and monitoring allow for smart dimming schedules to save energy. Presence Detector Optional. Battery ...

    By Solux based in Shanghai, CHINA. from Solar Street Lights- 4,5 M Product line

  • ADES - Energy Roof

    Most advanced cities and infrastructures are incorporating architectural solutions able to take advantage of the available energy renewable resources for local energy generation. This means competitiveness and sustainability.

  • Model MW Class - Multi-Megawatt Gears Box

    A mainstream power class needs well proven drivetrain solutions. For this power class, we can offer a superior MW gearbox platform based on our long kW class heritage, combined with the latest innovation.  This robust combination guarantees unbeatable reliability, providing trouble free production of your wind turbine.We also offer a wide ...

    By Moventas Oy based in Jyväskylä, FINLAND. from Onshore Wind Product line

  • Wind Power

    Wind power has no fuel costs, no emissions of CO2 and is the fastest growing source of energy in the EU. From 2000 to 2012, installed wind power capacity increased by a yearly 11.6 per cent and accounted for 39 per cent of total newly-installed electricity generation capacity. In 2011, wind power produced 6.3 per cent of the EU's total electricity ...

    By Vattenfall AB based in Solna, SWEDEN.

  • Medium Wind Turbines

    You can rely on our experience to give you the very best support and service every step of the way from your initial enquiry through to planning assistance, installation, commissioning and management of your new wind turbine. - See more at:

    By Dulas Ltd based in Machynlleth, Powys,, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Product line

  • Model E3120 - Endurance Turbine

    Dulas installed the very first Endurance turbine in the UK in 2010 and have completed several installations during 2011 and 2012. The Endurance E3120 is a high performing medium scale wind turbine. Its proportionately larger rotor diameter and swept area are specifically well suited to UK wind conditions and wind speeds. The power generation from ...

    By Dulas Ltd based in Machynlleth, Powys,, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Product line

  • Model WIN80082 - Wind Turbine System (750w)

    More Power Output at Lower Speeds: This wind turbine is built to last, and comes with a 5 year warranty. Wind turbines can be configured to match any site or wind condition. With our blade design and configuration, we can supply you with the proper wind turbine for your particular project. This wind turbine is only available as an apex roof mount ...

    By Royall Power based in Reedsburg, WISCONSIN (USA). from Wind Product line

  • Senwei - Model SWT-60kw - Variable Pitch Wind Turbine

    60kW variable pitch wind turbine is a medium-sized wind turbine with the latest advanced technology. The previous market of medium-sized wind turbine like 50 kW 60kW 100kW is blank. Nobody produces this kind of product. With the increasing market demand this recent year, this kind of medium-sized wind turbine represented by 60kW wind turbine is ...

    By Senwei Energy Technology Inc based in WenZhou City, CHINA.

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