Wind Turbine Monitoring

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  • Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay
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    Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay

    By ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd.

    The S-PRO sub-harmonic protection relay protects generators, wind turbines, and SVC equipment from uncontrollable sub-harmonics which cause

  • High Capacity Cells
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    High Capacity Cells

    By Maxwell Technologies Inc

    The 2.85-volt, 3400-farad cell is Maxwell’s highest capacitance offering. Compared to the 2.7V/3000F cell, it has 17% more power and 23% more energy, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications. It also ...

  • General Purpose Small Module
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    General Purpose Small Module

    By Maxwell Technologies Inc

    Maxwell Technologies’ 16V small cell ultracapacitor module provides energy storage and power delivery in a compact, cost-effective module. The modules are specifically engineered to provide cost-effective ...

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    Wind Turbine Control Systems

    Modern wind turbines generally operate at variable speed in order to maximise the conversion efficiency below rated power and to reduce loading on ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Zenia-Energy A/S

    Zenia-Energy A/S

    Zenia Energy is located in Ikast, in Denmark. We have some of the best employees in the market, that are top motivated. Their goal is to give our ...

  • Windar Photonics A/S

    Windar Photonics A/S

    Windar Photonics is a leading manufacturer of cost-efficient LiDAR-based optimisation solutions to the global wind energy industry, providing OEMs ...

  • Anhui Leiton Electric Technology Co Ltd

    Anhui Leiton Electric Technology Co Ltd

    Anhui LEiTON Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a power electronics and software development oriented high-tech enterprise. We are committed to ...

  • Mita-Teknik


    Mita-Teknik has been in the business of control automation since 1969, and in wind since the early 1980’s. Since the beginning we have been a key ...

  • Aria s.r.l

    Aria s.r.l

    Established in 2008, Aria srl is the result of 20 years of experience in electronic and mechanical engineering. The Company has been created and is ...