1:60 Control Range with Flare


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®- LPM 3000/2500 
Performance     2,500 Nm³/h, 12,500 kW
Location     Central England (GB)

Initial Situation

The landfill site is situated in the middle of the Sheffield region. Over time, the city limits and the landfill site have grown together. Therefore, the operator is particularly sensitised to minimising odour and noise emissions. Furthermore, the escaping gas is to be collected and conveyed further for generating power. With this, so-called green energy is generated and the use of fossil fuels is reduced.
Technical Requirements

  • Modular degassing system for 3000Nm3/h
  • High temperature combustion for 2500Nm3/h at 1,000-1,200°C and retention time ≥ 0.3s
  • Noise protection measures
  • Smallest possible control range of the flare for maximum gas supply to the motors

HOFSTETTER solution concept 
Use of the modular HOFGAS® -  LPM 3000 degassing system with HOFGAS® - Efficiency 2500 high temperature flares with a control range of 1:60.

With stable degassing, gas migration and odour emissions are reduced. Noise emissions are reduced by noise protection equipment and special burners are used for the flare. The low-noise burners from Hofstetter comply with 65dBA in a distance of 10m.

The operator intends to supply as much gas as possible to the gas generators. Due to this, Hofstetter has equipped the flare burner with a novel burner design. With multiple levels, the gas can be automatically reduced from a maximum of 2,500 Nm3/h to 40 Nm3/h pilot load.

Customer Benefits

  • Maximum possible exploitation of novel technology
  • Significantly lower noise emissions
  • Compliance with emissions regulations
  • High service life of the system
  • Low maintenance requirements

HOFGAS® - Efficiency 2500 high temperature flare with a control range of 1:60 and low-noise burners of 65dBA in 10m

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