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  1. A & D Drilling Supply Corporations

    The Portadrillmini drill is a rugged,highly portable air/water/mud injection rotary drill, which has been designed to drill water wells (200 ft.) faster than any other mini drill.The Portadrillmini drill is the result of 10 years of practical experience in confined and remote location water well drilling. Portadrillmini drill is a refined evolution of traditionally available small scale drilling systems.The PORTADRILLMINI drill combines all of the features necessary for rapid,cost effective well and borehole drilling under even the most challenging conditions.Versatility: No two drilling projects are the same and you need the type of rig that will give you the flexibility to customize your equipment to suit the specific needs of each drilling operation.The Portadrillmini drill comes with a host of features that make it easy for you to get it right the first time every time. Geothermal, Water well project, Shot Hole Seismic, Mining, Utilities ground rod installation.

  2. A&J Fabtech Ltd

    Design, Precision Engineering, Manufacture, Project Management. The A&J Group of Companies covers a diverse range of activities, all linked through a core competence for precision, high-quality design and manufacture. From CNC machining of precision components for the nuclear industry through to design and fabrication of economiser units for conventional power generation, complex concrete mould manufacture to mechanical water treatment systems, the A&J Group of Companies possesses the necessary engineering expertise and experience to manufacture to customer designs or handle bespoke turnkey projects. With in-house 3D CAD design, extensive NDT and inspection regimes and full materials traceability, customers have total confidence in the quality and precision of our finished projects for even the most critical of applications.

  3. A.E.F. S.r.l.

    Our company was established in 1971. It designs, manufactures to order and markets primary and waste water purification and treatment systems using Mencaglia know-how. The systems which we have installed over the last thirty years and more are designed and built for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors, and make use of proprietary and acquired technologies which use the most effective and efficient treatment processes, both in terms of running costs and the purification process (chemical-physical, biological, membrane, etc).

  4. A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH

    A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH was founded in Neumarkt in 1988 and has been located in the Bavarian town of Hirschau in the Oberpfalz region since 1994. An international manufacturer of biomass heating and combustion systems for the combustion of each solid biomass For more than 25 years on the market - the pioneer in this segment More than 1,500 units installed worldwide. Our organisational goal was technical development, production and sales of energy-producing sytems that can be run with any type of regrowing biomass fuels, in particular straw, miscanthus, cereal, energy crops and of course wood. The list of usable fuels has been expanded continuously. Thus pomace, coffee leftovers, horse manure pellets or even digestates from biogas systems can be burnt too. The energetic recovery of any kind of biomass from landscape conservation (wood residues, grass cuttings and greenery) is becoming increasingly important.

  5. A1 PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    A1 Pressurejet is a leading manufacturer of High Pressure Plunger Pump ranging from 2 H.P. to 500 H.P. These High Pressure Plunger Pumps are capable to develop Ultra High Pressure (UHP) up to 2800 bar and flow up to 800 LPM. A1 Pressurejet has designed pressure washers for pressure up to 500 bar which are either Electric Pressure Washer or Engine Driven Pressure Washer. These Pressure Washers are widely known as Pressure Cleaners. A1 Pressurejet`s High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps are capable to develop very high pressure & ultra high pressure as well. PressureJet also offer complete jetting system. These hydro jetting systems are suitable for Sewer jetting, Rust removal, Paint removal, very high pressure jetting pump for ship cleaning , high pressure jetting washer for rail way track cleaning on railway station , very high pressure jetting pump for fire fighting application.

  6. A1 Solar UK Limited

    Who are a company of accredited solar panel fitters, who are MCS registered. We are also G83 and G59 Installation Specialists from 4kw to Megawatt installations.We can offer systems from 3.8kw to larger systems in excess of Mega Watts. We also offer a complete service from planning and design, fitting, commissioning systems and liaising with Western Power. A1 Solar UK are also members of Napit, ECA, Trust Mark, REAL and the Confederation of Roofing Contractors. We undertake work locally and Nationwide. Contact us for a no obligation quotation.A1 Solar UK are also members of Napit, ECA, Trust Mark, REAL and the Confederation of Roofing Contractors. We undertake work locally and Nationwide

  7. Aalborg CSP A/S

    Aalborg CSP is leading developer and supplier of innovative renewable technologies with the definite purpose to change the way we produce energy today. Relying on extensive experience from some of the most efficient concentrated solar power (CSP) projects around the world, we design and deliver green technologies and integrated energy systems to lower cost of energy for industries and power plants worldwide.

  8. Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (AET)

    AET is a leading independent engineering and contracting company supplying biomass fired boiler plants, power plants, and CHP plants within Europe. As one of the technological leaders in solving socially-created environmental problems through thermal utilisation of agro-industrial biomass waste, the company strives to continuously improve its technology and make the best biomass-fired power and CHP plants in the world. The business comprises the design, engineering, delivery and service of biomass plants fired with all forms of biomass, primarily wood chips, wood waste, sander dust and bark, but also other biomass fuels such as draff/distillers grain, poultry litter, and meat and bone meal, as well as straw and other agricultural residue. The fuels are used separately or in combination, and the Company supplies plants in the size range 25 to 170 MWth.

  9. Aarding Thermal Acoustics

    Aarding Thermal Acoustics is the centre of competence of the gas division in the Ceco Environmental Group. Aarding Thermal Acoustics is providing customized solutions based on a proven track record in design, engineering and manufacturing of Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems, Acoustical Components, Dampers and Expansion Joints. Both new systems as well as upgrades, retrofits and spare part kits are provided.

  10. AB Systems Ltd.

    AB Systems specialise in market leading materials handling and process cooling systems, and is the first UK ancillaries company to provide both stand-alone and integrated solutions. Experts in system design, installation, maintenance, and supply, we deliver bespoke turnkey solutions that are proven to significantly increase system performance, efficiency and reliability. In fact, our clients save an average of 50% on running costs thanks to our innovative solutions. Established in 1993, we have over 20 years of experience in selecting the highest-grade products available on behalf of our clients. To this end, we are proud sole distributors for several world-leading ancillaries and cooling manufacturers including SB Plastics, NovaFrigo, Lorandi, and OMP. To further best serve our strong client base, we also stock a comprehensive range of equipment at our purpose-built facility in Buckinghamshire, allowing us to deliver effective solutions quickly and efficiently.


    -Engineering Company that makes: * affordable machinery for distributed production of biodiesel fuel * microhydroelectric turbines * HAWT and VAWT for low speed winds

  12. ABB

    As one of the world’s leading engineering companies, we help our customers to use electrical power effectively and to increase industrial productivity in a sustainable way.

  13. ABB Measurement Products

    ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 130,000 people. The company`s North American operations, headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, employ about 20,000 people in multiple manufacturing, service and other major facilities. Its global headquarters is in Zurich, Switzerland.

  14. Abengoa

    Abengoa (MCE: ABG) is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating energy from the sun, producing biofuels, desalinating sea water and recycling industrial waste.

  15. Abengoa Bioenergy

    Abengoa Bioenergía is a leader in the development of new technologies for the production of biofuels and chemical bioproducts and the sustainability of raw materials, dedicating a large quantity of resources into research work. In addition, its trading division positions it as a service provider of global solutions, with a large capacity for marketing and commodity management, always relying on its global production capacity and on the supply of raw materials, and effective operations, basic principles that provide reliability and critical mass, key aspects for an optimal development of the activity.

  16. Abengoa Solar

    Abengoa Solar develops and applies technologies to generate electricity from the sun, working to limit climate change and to develop local communities using mostly concentrating solar thermal, but also photovoltaic technologies. Abengoa Solar has transitioned into a pioneer in the construction of commercial concentrating solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) power plants, by the economic and technical foundation reached through R&D. This innovative technology is used for Abengoa Solar´s own plants or purchased by third parties, and can be bought with or without the associated assembly and engineering. Abengoa Solar has a worldwide total of 1603 MW in commercial operation, including the world’s first and second commercial power towers, 17 parabolic trough plants (including 13 at 50 MW each, two at 280 MW each, and two at 100 MW each), one integrated solar combined-cycle (ISCC) plant, and several PV plants.

  17. Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group

    Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) is at the cutting edge of the UK race to build a credible and sustainable energy footprint. AREG is a highly unusual and innovative private-public partnership that not only acts as a catalyst for change, especially with regard to the transfer of upstream oil and gas expertise to offshore renewables, but also undertakes flagship projects, not least the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre.

  18. Able Solar Ltd

    Able Solar Ltd has traded for 27 years in renewable solar electric power systems and stands behind all our products and services. We proudly support an established reseller/ installer network throughout NZ, offering the best in this industry. We strive to ensure reliable and fast service and communication. We ensure your questions are answered honestly and correctly every time.

  19. Ablytek Co.,Ltd

    Started with a vision to make the world better with solar energy, Ablytek was established in 2009 as a high-quality solar module manufacturer, headquartered in the sunniest southern Taiwan, Pingtung. Out of the conviction to exceed our customers’ expectation and tailor to their needs, Ablytek can promise that we never compromise on the quality of our products. At the same time, by making use of inexhaustible solar energy, we provide wide range of solar products, such as standard PV modules, car sunroof, BIPV, solar roof tiles, stand-alone system and so on. Our emphasis on quality, state-of-art solar technology, professionalism and passion for alternative energy has made us excel to become your best solar product provider. Our competence to offer best quality, experience and real-time customer support creates great value not only for our customers but also for our mother earth.

  20. ABO Wind Energías Renovables S.A.

    ABO Wind is one of Europe’s most experienced wind energy developers. Originating in Germany, ABO Wind now has subsidiaries in France, Iran, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Spain and Argentina. ABO Wind initiates wind farm projects, acquires sites, organizes all technical and business planning, arranges international bank financing and delivers turnkey wind farms. ABO Wind also offers operational management as well as maintenance and services for wind turbines. The company has connected a total of more than 1,300 megawatts of installed capacity to the grid.

  21. Absolute Solar and Wind Ltd

    Absolute specialise in the design, supply, maintenance and installation of commercial Solar PV systems, solar power and solar farms for increased energy efficiency. We have worked with businesses in all sectors from Agricultural to Industrial, Public Sector, Private Sector as well as with Solar Farm Investment and Solar Roofs and Solar Car Parks.

  22. Abucon BV

    Abucon is a modern company engaged in the development and production of technical installations. These activities naturally demand reliability, quality, flexibility and responsibility. Our clients are industrial production companies operating in areas such as (petro-)chemicals, the food processing industry, paper sectors, sewage treatment, etc. If you are interested in our creativity, know-how and operating quality, please contact us to make an arrangement. We will happily call on you for a no-commitment introductory conversation.

  23. Abwood Machine Tools

    Abwood Machine Tools dates back to a partnership formed by two brothers in the 1920’s in the London suburb of Abbey Wood. Primarily involved with general engineering the business focus turned towards work holding equipment and machine tool manufacture during the 1950’s. With over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of machine tools, Abwood Machine Tools has a variety of products to meet the requirements of many industry sectors. A wealth of knowledge in Glass and Silicon Grinding has led to the development of market leading grinding machines for manufacturers of Solar & Semi-conductor Silicon Wafers. The engineering division of the company continues to trade under the name of Abwood Machine Tools with the main focus being on Automated Grinding Equipment for the Solar Industry and special purpose machines to meet the specific needs of customers.

  24. AC BOILERS formerly Ansaldo Caldaie S.p.A. - part of Sofinter Group

    With over 150 years experience in Steam Generation and Burner Technology and a track record of 1000 units exceeding 80,000 MW installed worldwide, Ansaldo Caldaie is the largest Italian original technology Boiler Manufacturer, providing the full range of Steam Generator Technologies: Coal, oil, gas fired Utility Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators for Combined Cycle Power Plants, Biomass and Waste-to-Energy Boilers, Low NOx firing systems, Ansaldo Caldaie provides also rehabilitations, fuel conversions and after-sale services for existing boilers.

  25. Acar Kardesler Drilling

    Acar Drilling is operating in drill rigs manufacturing industry with Acar Kardesler Drilling brand. Our production has started in 1995 in Konya (Turkey) and continued to today professionally. Company has begun exports since the first year of establishment. Our drilling machines are exported to many countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Qatar, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan. As Acar Kardesler Drilling Company; we manufacture at 2000m2 covered and 2000m2 open the total area of 4000m2 modern facilities. Our firm produces cold water and geothermal (hot water) drilling rigs, spare parts and other equipments in accordance with today`s technology.

  26. ACAR MAK SAN Makina Sanayi

    Our company was established in 1994 in Mersin as Acarsan Machines. Since its establishment till date, it has been manufacturing machinery and machine spare parts required for both domestic and international industrial plants (such as but not limited to automotive, textile, glass glasshouses, cement plants, chemical, petroleum refineries, heavy duty machines, grain sorters, citrus packing etc.). Our 16 year experience and high production technology are dedicated for the development of the Turkish agriculture and to contribute in making the sector meet the technology. We therefore, in year December 2009, had established our new Group division named ACAR-MAK-SAN company. Our new firm is manufacturing Dripping Irrigation Filters under DripTime® brand name, Automatic Filter Systems under brand name FilterMatic® and farming machinery under Flower® brand name and all certified with TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate.

  27. Accenture

    Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with approximately 261,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.

  28. ACCIONA Energy

    ACCIONA Energy is a global operator in renewable energies, and the biggest in the world in terms of clean energies not linked to conventional electric power generation companies. We produce emission-free clean energy for more than six million homes across the planet, helping to make progress towards a more sustainable energy system that favors development without putting the environment at risk. We do this in an ever more competitive way thanks to our ongoing commitment to innovation, aimed at increasing the efficient of our technological solutions in areas such as the remote operation and maintenance of installations, the design of wind turbines and grid integration, among others.

  29. Accsense, Inc.

    Accsense Inc. was established in 2006 as a cutting-edge solution provider of temperature monitoring and alarming systems for critical Healthcare and Life Sciences applications. With thousands of customers and installations worldwide, Accsense has positioned itself as a leader in the monitoring and alarming market. As a well-recognized brand, Accsense has since expanded its initial product offering to include data logging solutions for the Industrial, Environmental, Research & Development, and Alternative Energy industries.

  30. Accurec GmbH

    ACCUREC, is a technology based treatment company to manage secondary raw materials. At its headquarter in Mülheim/Ruhr, ACCUREC has installed several of its unique and own developed innovative treatment techniques, dedicated to the recycling of used batteries. This european battery recycling center enables ACCUREC to recycle nearly every type of industrial and consumer battery with the best available technology at zero emission. Moreover Accurec supports customers with professional compliance services (collection, logistics, documentation) for discarded batteries.

  31. Ace Solar Systems

    Welcome to ACE Solar Systems, Arizona`s premiere solar electric installation company. Our commitment to service is unparalleled, and we hope you will consider us for your next residential or commercial solar Project. Efficient, affordable and easy to maintain, solar energy is quickly becoming the energy option of choice. Solar is ideal for those who’d like to lower their electric bills and invest in a clean, renewable source of power. The rate of return on your investment is huge and the initial investment is extremely economical and affordable. Now is the time to take advantage of massive utility rebates and state and federal tax credits.

  32. Acker Drill Company Inc

    Acker Drill Company was founded in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania in 1917 by W.L. Acker, Sr., and quickly found success manufacturing products for coal exploration as well as providing contract drilling throughout the Eastern United States. Following World War II, after a decline in demand for anthracite coal, Acker began to diversify its efforts by developing and manufacturing a wide range of drill units and tools for the mineral exploration/geotechnical markets. As a result of this change, as well as a number of product innovations, Acker experienced steady growth and quickly became a major player within the drilling industry. Today, Acker Drill is world renowned, currently having exported to over 106 countries worldwide.

  33. Acme enviro solutions pvt. Ltd

    At ACME, innovation is the very life-blood of our existence – be it in our technology initiatives, products or solutions. Over the years, our innovations have led to the development of energy-efficient, environment-friendly and cost-effective products and solutions for various sectors including Telecom Infrastructure, Power Generation, Alternate Energy, Cold Chain management and Environment.

  34. Acmepoint Europe GmbH

    Acmepoint Europe GmbH distributes products for an environmentally friendly concept, consisting of ecologically meaningful components for conscious living and working. Our goal is to promote alternative energy sources and to use carefully. In this sense, our products are all based on the latest technology and are constantly evolving. Specialist and supplier of energy-saving LED products of Lextar Electronics and energy winning photovoltaic modules of BenQ Solar.

  35. Acpsol

    Spanish company founded in 1998 in southern Spain by a group of engineers and technicians after a long journey in the construction and research, decide to join to give way on engineering projects in the field of Renewable Energies. In the beginning, Acpsol Engineers engaged mainly in the study of engineering projects with innovative reference in the products it sells and a capacity to undertake any type of solar installation for street lighting, hot water and underfloor heating pool heating. ACPSOL Engineers has undertaken numerous projects to earn the trust of the public and private markets.Currently, Acpsol Group consists of a consolidated group for several companies giving be a solar lighting manufacturer with a wide range of energy-efficient products for urban areas, roads, private gardens and distributed directly to our affiliated companies throughout Spain, Europe, Africa and America mainly to wholesalers and installers.

  36. ACS Group

    ACS Group is a worldwide reference in the construction and services activities. A group taking part in the development of key sectors for the economy such as infrastructures and energy. A company committed to the social and economic progress of the countries in which it is present. The success of the Group`s performance is based on an efficient organization and a dynamic and entrepreneurial management, implemented through successive processes of mergers, takeovers and strategic plans committed to client’s satisfaction as well as to maximizing profitability for ACS shareholders.

  37. Acta Group

    The Acta Group (Acta) is the consulting affiliate of Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C), established to complement B&C’s legal services by providing a full-range of support for the process of marketing chemicals, biocides, products of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and medical devices. Acta knows that clients must function optimally in all jurisdictions in which they market and/or place products to remain competitive. We help them get there through our global reach. Acta partners with our clients to help them get products quickly and efficiently to market -- in any country or locale -- and keep them there when challenged by a new regulatory regime, issue, or set of rules. Consultants manage products from concept to approval, delivering skills and experience with specific product areas in government and industry. We keep our clients informed about legislative, administrative, and scientific initiatives and how they will affect their businesses.

  38. Activ Solar GmbH

    Activ Solar is commited to the development of the solar industry. Established in Vienna, Austria, the company owns and manages a portfolio of solar assets with a view to create a world-class integrated solar energy platform. We strive to achieve grid parity by leveraging our broad-based knowledge, expertise and technological excellence. Energy security, climate change and the relentless drive for growth and progress across the world are exerting unsustainable pressure on our resources.

  39. Active Communications International (ACI)

    Active Communications International, Inc. (ACI) is a leader in conference planning and production. With offices in Chicago, London, Pune, Portland, Poznań and Milwaukee, we produce world-class events focusing on areas of most relevance to our served industry sectors. We are dedicated to deliver high-quality, informative and value added strategic business conferences where audience members, speakers, and sponsors can transform their business, develop key industry contacts and walk away with new resources.

  40. Active Walls, S.L.

    Active Walls is a company whose values are technology and research. The company focuses its line of action in the RD&I of environmental technologies for its later commercialization, bringing closer to the public the technologies that so far only industries and public entities had had access to. Our product line achieves air decontamination in urban settings, homes, apartments, offices, factories, schools, hospitals, gyms and shops, reducing pollution, odors, bacteria and dirt. Our goal is the health of our customers, and thus we work to reduce pollution on roads, tunnels and streets. We create innovative products that improve the lives of people, protecting their health and lowering costs. We also improve the environment.

  41. Adams Armaturen GmbH

    ADAMS has become a synonym for butterfly valves of unfailing reliability and utmost quality. And this is backed by a highly efficient service based on a network of production workshops, subsidiary companies and sales agencies. For decades, personal communication with clients and partners has had the highest priority in the ADAMS company.

  42. Adams Fertilizer Equipment

    Adams Fertilizer Equipment is an international fertilizer equipment manufacturer that began building fertilizer spreaders in 1966. From material handling, mixing & blending, to application, Adams Fertilizer Equipment has led the industry with proven, dependable fertilizer equipment.

  43. Addnew Hydropower Limited

    ADDNEW produces and supplies only the reliable quality products at the most reasonable prices to any customers worldwide. Seeking and constantly fostering the "win-win" and long-term cooperation with all our present and potential clients and partners, our business activities cover project design, equipments manufacturing, plant maintenance and upgrading (renovation), civil works (site construction), on-site engineering service, operation training, installation guide, commissioning, test-run, after-sale service, other customized products or services and EPC contractor. Found in 1958, our factory in hydropower products has continuously been one of the national strategic turbine manufacturers in China since year 1995. It has now 246,000 square meters ground area and 68,000 square meters office building area. With over 500 workers and over 200 technicians and engineers, ADDNEW's invested factory is certificated by ISO9000-2000 and CE.

  44. ADI Systems

    ADI Systems is a world leader in industrial wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy solutions. Our innovative anaerobic and aerobic technologies reliably treat wastewater to help plants comply with environmental regulations and reduce/eliminate wastewater surcharges. We can assist with water reuse opportunities, and capture and treat biogas produced by anaerobic digestion so it can be used for renewable energy. With over 35 years of experience, ADI Systems’ wastewater treatment experts customize the most efficient treatment process for each plant’s unique application, providing a turnkey, design/build solution for customers worldwide.

  45. Aditi Solar Private Limited

    Aditi Solar Pvt. Ltd is a world class solar products and devices manufacturing company with a mission to develop and propagate the use of solar energy to produce energy for daily use. Our venture is based on a simple and powerful idea of converting natural resources into profitable and environment friendly energy. In our quest to put our idea into action, we have set up a facility to develop highly energy efficient and productive photovoltaic solar panels which are used to tap the solar energy. Aditi Solar is a diversified company providing a wide range of solar products and services. Solar panels are one of the most important products in creating a clean environment with the use of renewable energy. At a time when the world is battling the impact of global warming and fast depleting fossil fuels, the idea of generating energy from Sun has a bright future. Solar energy is bound to become a major source of power in the future.

  46. ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

    ADLER “quality makers” provide you with working machines for use in construction, agricultural and municipal applications. ADLER mountable sweepers, snow blades, spreaders and augers are used wherever reliability, robustness and durability are required. “ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen” stands for sophisticated technology and outstanding quality “Made in Germany”.

  47. Adoratec GmbH

    We all know that reduction of harmful emissions in our atmosphere must be one of the priority targets of responsible policy. Environment-friendly energy produc-tion practices and careful use of energy will help keep clean air we breathe and protect it for later generations! To reach this target we are engineering and realizing together with our customers: ORC (Organic-Rankine-Cycle) – plants for the electricity production from biomass and low-temperature heat sources. ORC – plants for electricity production from geothermal heat. ORC – plants for electricity production from industrial waste heat. The ADORATEC–engineers, together with our parent company Maxxtec AG, are ready because of their long-term experience and deep know-how of many realized power plants in different sizes and applications to offer to their customers an utmost profit out of the power and process technology engineered by them. This gives us and our customers the assurance in realization of all technical solutions.

  48. ADSM plc

    ADSM is a leading UK utility management company providing a unique combination of consultancy, implementation and utility bureau services. We are committed to innovation and have a proven history of helping clients to reduce their utility and water consumption and develop environmental and energy strategies for on-going savings.

  49. ads-tec GmbH

    ADS-TEC is a manufacturer and supplier of top-quality Industrial IT systems with longterm availability, as well as high-performance battery systems and complete storage solutions. Over 35 years of experience and professional expertise in systems development characterise the 100% inhouse developments of ADS-TEC. As a medium-sized enterprise, ADS-TEC employs some 240 staff members at two sites in Germany. In May 2014 the headquarters were relocated from Leinfelden-Echterdingen to a new building in Nuertingen near Stuttgart. The headquarters are complemented by the production location in Wilsdruff near Dresden. ADS-TEC has a broad network of partners across Europe.

  50. Advance Engineered Products LTD.

    With facilities nationwide and select dealers in the USA, Advance offers the ultimate in parts, sales, and service. We are truly committed to customer satisfaction and providing you with equipment that you can count on.

  51. Advance Power Inc. (API)

    Advance: Solar, Hydro, Wind Power Co. Inc. has been a leader in the energy production industry since 1978. We have designed and installed thousands of solar, hydro and wind electrical and thermal systems throughout the world. Independent, grid tie or grid support, our systems are superior in quality, design and function. Advance Power Inc. (API) manufactures our own line of API solar panels, API wind turbines, API controllers, API industrial batteries, API LED lights, API solar powered attic/greenhouse fans, API DC mains and much more. We also offer `API TOTAL SOLUTION`. Complete, pre-assemble and tested power systems housed in a heavy duty steel container with windows, large access doors for the battery bank side and full size entry door on the electrical side. These systems are completely self contained, self sufficient and can be delivered on site, anywhere in the world.

  52. Advanced Biofuel Center

    The Advanced Biofuel Center (CJP) is a bioenergy crop research and development company that is meeting global demand for sustainable plant oil by working towards scientific commercialization of dedicated biodiesel crop that will lend credibility; reliability and scalability. With a fully integrated platform featuring a world-class leadership and science team, the most advanced multifeedstocks research into all aspects of nonfood energy farming crop improvement program in the industry and addressing the complete value chain, CJP is bringing the opportunities of nonfood oil to reality. We are an agricultural biotechnology, research and development entity developing and producing seeds of hope to produce renewable biodiesel feedstocks that can enable the large-scale replacement of petroleum and other fossil fuels. We use a combination of advanced plant breeding and biotechnology to develop new crops, known as dedicated energy crops, that we believe address the limitations of first-genera

  53. Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA)

    The member companies of The Advanced BioFuels Association (ABFA) represent the new generation of advanced and renewable technologies that will help drive America`s new economy and fuel a sustainable future for the world. Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) a wide range of technologies, feedstocks, and molecules within the advanced biofuels industry. Our members are developing and commercializing their technologies to provide renewable, lower carbon fuels that will move our nation closer to achieving our energy and economic security.

  54. Advanced Climate Technologies, LLC (ACT Bioenergy)

    Advanced Climate Technologies, LLC (ACT) we are passionate about providing practical solutions to the linked challenges reducing energy costs, reducing fossil fuel reliance and encouraging sustainable local development. ACT’s focus is to be the North American leader in providing advanced biomass boilers and sustainable heating solutions for institutional, commercial and multi-family buildings by providing our customers with superior service and state-of-the-art technologies.

  55. Advanced Conferences & Meetings FZ-LLC

    Advanced Conferences & Meetings FZ-LLC is a premium business-to-business events company focusing on the dynamic and ever changing requirements of the MENA region. Our events are highly efficient networking and learning opportunities, bringing senior decision makers together and providing up-to-the-minute information on industry trends, government initiatives, technological advances and developments in regulation. As such, they act not only as extremely effective tools for gaining competitive advantage, but also as high level platforms for change in the industries they serve.

  56. Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.

    Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A. (ACS) is a company exclusively dedicated to the development and commercialization of high efficiency cyclone systems, worldwide. The company works in a very close cooperation with its clients in order to design custom made cyclone systems that really solve their unmet needs.

  57. Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems (AEMS)

    Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems (AEMS) is situated at Ottery St. Mary in East Devon, England, was founded in 1981 by Maurice Yates. With 25 years experience, AEMS is a leading provider of equipment, services and solutions for monitoring and improving the efficiency of pumps, blowers and hydro turbines. Our expertise in providing innovative energy saving solutions spans a worldwide customer base involving many different industries, helping our clients to reduce carbon emissions. So far, AEMS`s own patented thermodynamic technique has been successfully used for testing more than 12,000 pumps worldwide. The technology can be applied to all types of pumps and has been used for pumps up to 70 MW working singly or in series / parallel combinations.

  58. Advanced Equipment and Services, Inc. (AESINC)

    Advance Equipment and Services, Inc. AESINC is a global provider of custom skid-mounted water purification equipment such us seawater desalination plants, brackish reverse osmosis units, ultrafiltration, nano filtration and softeners. We sale - resale - finance - lease - operate reverse osmosis systems at the best rates facilitating the system that you need now. Different options available: feed pump skids, electrodeionization, MM filters, ozone generators, UV systems as pre-treatment and post-treatment units. Also we offer a variety of services as commissioning, start-up, membrane chemical cleaning, Operation, automatic data logging, remote monitoring, unit refurbishment, energy recovery device retrofits, process optimization, consumables, spare parts and training. We remove contaminants from untreated water to produce water that is pure enough for its intended use.

  59. Advanced Fluid Power, Inc.

    Advanced Fluid Power, Inc. is located in Mobile Alabama (the base of our National and International Coverage). Advanced Fluid Power, Inc. has over 75 years of combined experience dealing with hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and our inside sales staff is trained to help you with all of your hydraulic or pneumatic needs.Advanced Fluid Power, Inc. is a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components. We stock pumps, valves, cylinders, accumulators, filters, filter elements, and pressure gauges. We manufacture complete hydraulic power units and variable speed drives.Oil Filter Crusher units crush filter elements and remove 95% of the oil, and sludge from the filter elements, and convert the filter elements from hazardous waste into non-hazardous waste (garbage). This machine will reduce your EPA LIABILITY of element disposal.

  60. Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS)

    Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. is based in Toronto, Canada and specializes in design and manufacturing innovative and reliable multifunction geophysical EM equipment, instruments, sensors, software and accessories for onshore and offshore geophysical surveys and a wide range of exploration, engineering and scientific applications. AGCOS is the first company to introduce wide spectrum of high precision field tripods for precise induction magnetic sensor installation on any terrain and in any climate.

  61. Advanced Motor Controls

    Advanced Motor Controls stocks new and professionally remanufactured MCC buckets, motor control centers and component parts. Our stock includes equipment dating from World War II to current vintage products. We specialize in motor control center life extension programs that enable you to extend the life of your existing motor control centers with remanufactured MCC buckets which incorporate new components. We can integrate variable frequency drives, reduced voltage starters, and soft start starters into the replacement MCC bucket assemblies to lower your energy consumption. This program will pay for itself over the course of a few short years.

  62. Advanced Plasma Power (APP)

    Advanced Plasma Power (APP) is a world leader in waste-to-energy and advanced fuels technology. APP has developed the Gasplasma process, a clean, modular and scalable advanced waste-to-energy and fuels technology which delivers high efficiencies whilst minimising visual and environmental impact. The core Gasplasma process is a unique internationally patented two stage Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) which uses an innovative combination of two long standing and well-proven technologies (gasification and plasma conversion) in a new, original configuration to convert residual municipal and commercial waste into a clean, hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (syngas) and a solid, vitrified product (Plasmarok) each with multiple applications.

  63. Advanced Racking Solutions Inc

    Advanced Racking Solutions maximizes roof top PV output with smart designs supported by strong validation. Founded in 2011 as a sister company of hb Solar Canada, together the two companies have deployed PV racking hardware around the globe. ARS specializes in the design, manufacturing and sale of PV mounting systems for all types of roof tops. The company’s products reflect the knowledge gained from numerous wind tunnel tests and collaborative testing with fastener companies and roofing manufacturers. The result is a competitive product offering tailored around simplicity and integrity. The Total Roof Platform (TRP) is the first system to standardize rooftop mounting hardware, It simplifies the ordering, installation and management of PV racking hardware. By using the same design, clamps, rail and splice for all types of roof types-shingle, metal and flat-racking hardware is now much simpler.

  64. Advanced Technology Products (ATP)

    Advanced Technology Products (ATP) is a premium manufacturer headquartered in Milford Center, Ohio. Advanced Technology Products, has developed the latest technology in tubing, hose and pneumatic accessories including pneumatic hose, pneumatic tubing, spiral hose. Our name says it all! We offer advanced technology and are the industry leader in ergonomically correct designs with added safety features to support assembly and automation applications worldwide.

  65. Advanced-Bioenergy

    ADVANCED-BIOENERGY, as a renewable energy partner, we produce a range of products for you that generate clean energy to make our world more sustainable. The company produces photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, as well as the renewable energy components. We have been in the renewable energy business since 2002 and at present we distribute our products in the markets of the United States, Colombia, China, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and Spain.

  66. Advantage Trailers Company

    We offer a full line of new trailers including enclosed cargo, open utility, equipment, heavy equipment, car haulers (open & enclosed),dump trailers, car dolly’s, goosenecks, boat trailers, aluminum trailers, concession trailers, tail-gating trailers and pretty much anything else you can pull. At Advantage Trailer Company we carry the most common parts & accessories in our 1200 sq. ft. showroom. If we don’t have it in stock we can usually get what you need within a few days. Our knowledgeable staff has over 25 years’ experience in the trailer industry and is more than willing to help advise you if you want to do repairs yourself or we can do the repairs for you at very reasonable rates.

  67. AE Biofuels, Inc.

    AE Biofuels, Inc. is a global vertically integrated biofuels company based in Cupertino, California, developing sustainable solutions to address the world`s renewable energy needs. The company is commercializing its patent-pending next-generation cellulosic ethanol technology that enables the production of biofuels from both non-food and traditional feedstocks. Its wholly-owned Universal Biofuels subsidiary built and operates a nameplate 50 million gallon per year biodiesel production facility on the east coast of India.

  68. AECOM

    Now one of the top global environmental consultancies, AECOM’s global environmental practice was formed by utilizing the environmental resources of AECOM operating companies: ENSR, Earth Tech, STS and Metcalf & Eddy. With over 4,200 staff in 130 worldwide locations, AECOM`s global environmental practice provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, remediation, compliance, permitting and environmental management solutions for multinational industrial companies and government agencies. AECOM is a global design and management company with over 43,000 employees worldwide serving the transportation, facilities, environmental and energy markets, with offices in over 60 countries.

  69. AEconversion GmbH & Co. KG

    The AEconversion GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Bad Sassendorf/Germany, is an emerging company that specializes in solutions for the use of adaptive energy. The company originates from the solar division of the APtronic AG and is operating as an independent company since 2012, under the leadership of the co-founder and former managing director of APtronic AG. The core staff of APtronic Solar, the technology, the product range, the location for research and development, as well as the production facility were implemented into the newly founded AEconversion. AEconversion offers products for the efficient use of renewable energies, from photovoltaic systems on rooftops for self-consumption to commercial PV-systems for feeding into the utility grid. And it all starts with the AEconversion Micro-Inverter.

  70. AEM-Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH (AEM)

    AEM - Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH is a family-owned company with over 60 years of experience in the field of electrical engineering. AEM, which employs around 230 members of staff, has established itself as the world leader in the manufacture of special machines for three phase motors and alternators for drive solutions and energy generation. In the last 20 years, AEM has managed to develop with enormous success, more than tripling company revenue and increasing its export share to 60%. To date, the company has delivered over 12,000 machines in more than 70 countries.

  71. Aeolos Wind Energy, Ltd.

    Aeolos wind turbine is a leading small wind turbines manufacturer in the world. Aeolos wind turbine was founded in Denmark in 1986. After 20 years development, Aeolos engineer team could provide various wind energy solutions for different customers. Aeolos owned seven patents on wind generator, control systems, blade design and inverter. Aeolos wind turbine has built an international reputation in small wind turbines industry. At present, Aeolos products included horizontal axis wind turbines from 500w to 50kw and vertical axis wind turbines from 300w to 10kw. They were widely applied for home, farm, village, school and small wind farm. Aeolos wind generators are working in US, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique and more than 60 countries and regions. We try to provide more efficient and reliable wind power system to the world.

  72. Aeolus Power Ltd

    Aeolus Power aims to take the mystery out of installing a wind turbine. We specialise in wind energy, dealing with the installation of wind turbines all day, every day. We can help you through the entire process, explaining what needs to be done and when. We can also act on your behalf in completing the necessary paperwork. If you need information about any part of the process at any stage then please contact us. We are proud of how swiftly we respond to enquiries from our customers. Aeolus Power Group works across England, Scotland and Wales, supplying, installing, commissioning and maintaining wind turbines. If you need support for your turbine at any point during its lifetime, from initial consultation to extended servicing and maintenance, then we can help.

  73. aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH

    aerodyn has been developing Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS or wind turbine) for manufacturers on the global market since 1983, and many of aerodyn`s innovative developments have influenced the state-of-the-art. Wind turbines developed by aerodyn can be found on all five continents and produce energy on a reliable, economic and eco-friendly basis. Benefit, too, from our many years of experience and develop the next-generation wind turbine together with our specialists.

  74. Aeronautica Windpower, LLC

    Aeronautica Windpower is a sales, marketing, manufacturing, and O&M service company that builds and markets mid-scale commercial and industrial (225 to 750 Kw) wind turbines primarily for behind-the-meter and net-metered applications. Aeronautica Windpower was incorporated in 2008 as a turbine refurbishment organization. In 2010, the organization acquired an exclusive license to manufacture and sell the Norwin A/S 225 and 750 kW turbines in the United States and Canada with the ability to sell globally with permission from our licensor.

  75. AES Corporation

    As one of the world’s largest power companies, AES owns and operates a diverse and growing portfolio of generation and distribution businesses with the capacity to serve 100 million people worldwide. Our power plants encompass a broad range of technologies and fuel types, from coal to gas to renewables such as wind, hydro and biomass. Our utilities power major cities, from São Paulo to Indianapolis to Douala. Beyond power, we also mine coal, turn seawater into drinking water, and are committing significant resources to alternative sources of energy to ensure a sustainable future. We also are building a climate change business, to develop projects that offset greenhouse gas emissions and produce emissions offset credits.

  76. AES Ltd

    AES Solar provide Solar Thermal and Solar PV systems for either hot water or electricity generation, we provide a range from domestic to commercial scale. As the longest running solar thermal manufacturer in the UK, you can have confidence in us. We have extensive experience in system design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and servicing of solar systems. Based in Moray, Scotland we operate all over the UK and internationally.

  77. AEV Energy GmbH

    AEV offers plant design, process engineering and equipment supply for sorting and anaerobic treatment of organic residue and highly polluted organic waste water including biogas handling and utilization. AEV`s core business is pre-treatment and anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge, sorted organic waste, agricultural residues and energy crops. The key components offered are digester agitators, safety devices, gas storage containers, biogas handling equipment, desulphurisation plants, flares and waste gas biofilters.

  78. AFI Hydro Inc.

    AFI Hydro has grown to become the leading one-stop solution for the design, manufacture and installation of custom water control gates and ancillary equipment for Canada`s hydroelectric power generation industry.

  79. AFM-Forest Ltd

    AFM-Forest Ltd is a Finnish company manufacturing high-quality single-grip harvester, processor, combi and energy wood heads for demanding forest operations. Our years of experience in the forest-machines market, combined with the high competence of our personnel, ensure the successful performance of AFM heads around the world. AFM-Forest Ltd has a good reputation in the forest-machines market. We offer our customers high quality and versatile logging solutions. AFM harvesting heads have been developed in strong co-operation with both customers and base machine manufacturers and are installed on excavators, wheeled and tracked harvesters, harwarders, trucks, agriculture and other machines. They can be found working worldwide from Arctic forests to tropical plantations.

  80. Afton Pumps Inc.

    Afton specializes in making what other pump manufacturers consider a specialty item. With more than 50 years experience making quality pumps, Afton can take your specific application requirements, engineer and manufacture a pump suited for your industry. Most models are available with  API-610 Hydraulic Institute conformance. Tell us how you want your pump built and we will build it better. Afton`s innovative engineering, close control over design, proven hydraulics, integrity and manufacturing procedures have enhanced our reputation as a leading vertical pump manufacturer.

  81. AGC Solar

    AGC Solar has a long history as a key player in the solar glass business. As part of the world leader in glass production, AGC benefits from the latest glass technologies to make renewable energy a success.The company operates with plants in Europe, North America and Asia and produces glass solutions for three main solar applications: photovoltaic modules, thermal collectors and concentrating solar mirrors.It aims for the highest production standards for increased performance and works through a worldwide network to serve its customers.

  82. Aggreko PLC

    Aggreko PLC is the global leader in the rental of power generation and temperature control equipment. With its unique network of locations, equipment and technical services, Aggreko supports companies in generating profits by reducing risk, solving problems and creating new opportunities.

  83. Agilent Technologies, Inc.

    For more than 40 years, Agilent Technologies has been the leading provider of solutions for the detection, identification, and characterization of chemical and biological compounds. From environmental testing to semiconductor manufacturing, customers rely on Agilent to help them solve analytical problems with accuracy and precision. Agilent`s deep industry knowledge, broad and innovative product portfolio, and extensive applications expertise make it the preferred choice among chemical analysis customers.

  84. AGRA Industries, Inc.

    AGRA Industries, Inc. offers design, fabrication, equipment supply, and construction to our niche industrial agricultural markets of the feed, seed, grain and biofuels industries. This expertise includes complete new turnkey processes such as feed mills, seed processing plants, grain handling and storage facilities, and biofuel and biochemical plants. AGRA manufactures a complete line of bolt-together bin systems, rack and pinion gates, seed corn dryers, husk choppers, bag splitters, seed quality GEN-EL® “continuous cup” bucket elevators, belt conveyors, vibratory conveyors, catwalks and towers, and our exclusive patent pending vertical tank design for field-erected process and storage tanks. Our engineering and manufacturing facilities enable us to offer comprehensive design, quality steel fabrication, and construction of complete new or remodeling of existing facilities.

  85. Agra Informa Ltd

    Welcome to the new home of Informa Agra - the global information specialist for the food and agricultural supply chain. Our trusted news, analysis and data spans from crop protection and fertilizers through to agricultural commodities and ingredients. This is supported by in-depth policy and legal information. On this site, you will be able to access your subscriptions and view our full range of services.

  86. Agreenergy Limited

    Agreenergy Limited is a leading renewable energy company in Wales, United Kingdom and has been trading since 2002. The Agreenergy team has over 20 years of experience in a range of renewable technologies: Solar Photovoltaics (PV), Solar thermal systems, Hydropower, Biomass electric systems, Wind energy.

  87. Agri

    Agri offers its customers a range of waste recycling and renewable energy solutions. Our business is founded on offering a complete waste and renewable energy service to food manufacturers, caterers, distributors and retailers. The core of our business is the collection and processing of organic waste. Used cooking oil collected by us is refined into a range of products such as industrial oils or renewable fuels. Many of our catering customers also choose to buy their fresh cooking oil from us as part of a complete cooking oil service.

  88. Agrimetal

    Founded in 1980, AgriMetal has become a leading manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment. In the early years, AgriMetal specialized in the manufacture of farm machinery but divested itself of this division in 2000 to concentrate solely on developing products for maintaining green spaces. Building dairy equipment for 15 years was a valuable lesson in durability that carried over into the manufacture of turf equipment. Dairy equipment must be designed to be used twice per day, 365 days per year. AgriMetal’s first turf product, a straw blower for landscaping, was introduced in 1985. This product was innovative because the full bale of straw could be placed in the machine at once, resulting in considerable labor savings for the operator.

  89. Agripellets Ltd.

    Agripellets is a Warwickshire based producer of biomass pellets derived from straw, miscanthus and other energy crops/by-product. Our customers range from commerical offices and green houses through to domestic households. Set up in 2004 as a farm diversification, to process local agricultural crop by-products and energy crops into high quality pellets iIt has built and operates its own processing facility in the centre of England near Stratford on Avon and is within 30mins of Birmingham. Agripellets can deliver a wide range of biomass pellets as well as a range of multi fuel biomass boilers. Our products offer a locally produced, secure, sustainable, economic, energy supply and importantly, as they are primarily derived from agricultural crop by-products they do not affect food prices. We feel our products can make a real contribution to combating climate change whilst offering the security of supply, cost effectiveness and quality a British produced product can deliver.

  90. Agritech s.r.l.

    Agritech Srl, the European leader in the processing of fiberglass storage bins, as animal feed, cereals and bulk materials since 1987, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products aimed at the satisfaction of the specific needs of customers in the agricultural and industry sectors, both in Italy and worldwide. All our products, tanks, screw conveyors, poultry equipments and silos (for animal feed and different kind of bulk goods) are synonymous of high quality products and services, ranging from the careful selection of the best raw materials to the shipment of finished products. All these properties made our feed silos and machineries perfect both for agricultural and industry sectors.

  91. Agro Forst & Energietechnik GmbH

    AGRO Forst & Energietechnik GmbH has for over thirty years dealt with the mechanisation of forestry, lumber industry, and energy production based on renewable resources for the woodworking and wood processing industry, for on-site and municipal heating. Our focus is the production of equipment for energy production from renewable resources like bark, sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, scrap wood, recycled wood and straw. Our qualified equipment manufacturers and thermodynamic engineers, with many years of experience and practice in the field of wood firing technology, carry out projects and not only produce new equipment but have also proven their qualifications especially in the optimisation, renovation and repair of existing furnaces of various makes.

  92. Agromachina Group Ltd

    Agromachina Group Ltd. is the official representative of Lamborghini tractors in Bulgaria. The Company offers its customers high-quality agricultural machinery and implements from leading manufacturers like Alpego, Projet, Hauer, AgroMaster, Checchi & Magli and many others. Our team is built by professionals who have years of experience in distribution and after-sales service of agricultural machinery. Their advice and support will provide to you, our customers and partners, stable and reliable results. You can find us in Sofia, Montana, Silistra, Pleven, Yambol, Pazardzhik, Rousse and Dobrich. In our agroparks you can find the machines which we are offering, as well as a wide range of spare parts and consumables, for all the offered machines and also parts for many other brands.

  93. AGROMECH Sp. z o.o.

    The AGROMECH Company works directly according to over a hundred years of tradition of Rogozińki`s Agromet-Rofama enterprise in. From our precursors we took over the production of well-known agricultural equipment in Poland, and in the world. We are also systematically introducing new products. For many years, we have performed tasks in the scope of environmental protection solutions. We are also open to any non-standard orders, especially in the scope of materials handling and steel working systems.

  94. AgXcel, LLC

    AgXcel is centrally located in Kearney NE, just off the I-80! We expaned our line of Precision Fertilizer Application Systems and are now located in Kearney. This expansion has allowed us to focus on quality, accuracy and customer service. Our extensive line of GX systems is designed to fit any producers needs, and we are continually seeking ways to improve our product line by working with local farmers, ensuring we are meeting their needs. That is why our products are American Made, Farmer Tested and Approved. We are passionate about helping farmers succeed now and long into the future. Our GX systems are workable solutions backed by a knowledgeable staff. Our team of technical support specialist are here to help you.

  95. Ahinco SOStenible

    Ahinco SOStenible we advise Private, Public and Private Companies, communities of neighbors, presenting the benefits that would obtain when replacing its current illumination by the novel and efficient LED luminaries of long duration. We distribute and install, both at corporate and institutional level. LED bulbs and luminaires have innumerable advantages that make them present and future of lighting minimizing energy consumption. In Ahínco Sos we can help reduce energy costs, while benefiting the environment. We are committed to a sustainable world, where the cheapest energy is the energy that is not consumed. With micro-Generation solar energy systems we reduce the global external energy dependence, obtaining countless economic, social, and environmental advantages.

  96. Ahlstrom-Munksjö

    Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a global leader in fiber-based materials, supplying innovative and sustainable solutions to customers worldwide. Our offerings include decor paper, filter media, release liners, abrasive backings, nonwovens, electrotechnical paper, glass fiber materials, food packaging and labeling, tape, medical fiber materials and solutions for diagnostics. Combined annual net sales are about EUR 2.2 billion and we employ 6,200 people. The Ahlstrom-Munksjö share is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki and Stockholm. The company was formed on April 1, 2017 through the merger of Ahlstrom Corporation and Munksjö Oyj. Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a leading filter media manufacturer for engine and industrial applications. Our nonwoven technology portfolio serves various industrial end applications including power generation, HVAC, air pollution control and all automotive and heavy duty transportation applications.

  97. AHS Anadolu San. ve Tic. (AHS)

    Our company manufacturing only hydraulic cylinders; is functioning as a Global firm submitting hydraulic solutions for vehicles and equipments in a very short time. As one of the leading firm in Turkey about production technologies, Anadolu Hydraulic meets the requirements about system and units of Industrial companies which are dealing with agricultural and heavy construction equipment.Our products have been used in every region of our country and also exported to 4 continents throughout the world that is providing us a great honor while representing Turkiye.

  98. Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA)

    The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional organization that enhances knowledge and expertise by providing a neutral forum for information exchange, professional development, networking opportunities, public education, and outreach to more than 8000 environmental professionals in 65 countries. The Association’s goals are to strengthen the environmental profession, expand scientific and technological responses to environmental concerns, and assist professionals in critical environmental decision making to benefit society.

  99. Air Products

    Air Products (NYSE:APD) is a world-leading Industrial Gases company in operation for over 75 years. The company’s core Industrial Gases business provides atmospheric and process gases and related equipment to manufacturing markets, including refining and petrochemical, metals, electronics, and food and beverage. Air Products is also the world’s leading supplier of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment. The company’s Performance Materials Division serves the polyurethanes, cleaning and coatings, and adhesives industries. The company had fiscal 2016 sales of $9.5 billion and has a current market capitalization of approximately $30 billion. Approximately 17,000 employees in 50 countries strive to make Air Products the world’s safest and best performing Industrial Gases company, providing sustainable offerings and excellent service to all customers.

  100. AIREX Énergie inc.

    Airex Energy is a leading developer and manufacturer of biocoal production equipment and technology. We are active in North America and Europe. Airex Energy has 10 employees. Airex Energy has successfully developed an exciting new technology for biomass torrefaction. Based on a unique patented cyclonic bed reactor, CarbonFX enables large scale biocoal production from a variety of feedstock, including woody biomass and agricultural waste.

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