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Achieve the ISO 50001 Standard with the help of eSight Energy Management Software.

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As the ISO 50001 Standard continues to be adopted by organizations globally energy managers in all industries are looking for methods and tools to simplify the process of achieving the standard. Much of ISO 50001 focuses on policy making and monitoring results in order to ensure that the energy policy is successful- and a key tool to help achieve this is energy management software.

An eSight Energy Management software System can enable users to structure energy assets, configure sites and meters and import historical data, all of which are crucial considerations when forming a suitable and achievable energy policy. With a policy in place, eSight can then allow users to monitor energy performance against objectives with functionality such as target lines, alarms, forecasting and benchmarking. Particularly significant to the Standard is establishing an organization’s ‘baseline’ energy usage, which can be automatically calculated in eSight based on historical data.

Once established, to ensure that objectives are being achieved as per the requirements of the standard, eSight provides various techniques to recognize energy waste and highlight areas for improvement. Analyses including consumption, electricity, regression and single meter analysis allow users to better understand their energy use and make decisions on how to improve efficiency accordingly.

eSight Energy Management Software can also play a crucial role in the ‘measure the results’ aspect of the standard, with automatic reporting and regularly updating dashboards allowing users to continually measure progress.

Once set up and configured, eSight software can automatically collate all energy related data into one central system, saving users time and effort in continually monitoring and targeting consumption. As the ISO 50001 Standard continues to be adopted globally, the benefits of an eSight system will be invaluable to energy managers, company boards and staff.

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