Also the right choice for large-scale projects - case study


Courtesy of bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG

The biogas park in Felgentreu consists of ten autonomous plants – and is operated by the company Steinhoff-Familienholding (based in Westerstede). Felgentreu is located in the state of Brandenburg, approx. 50 km south of Berlin. The input materials utilised here are rye, corn and Sudan grass; these materials are particularly suited to silo storage, and their yield potential is high. The raw materials originate from the park's own fields. This plant (commissioned in 2008) has an electrical output of 8.44 MW. The approximate thermal output amounts to 7.2 MW. The waste heat is supplied to (among other places) the offices and common rooms, as well as to a greenhouse facility (with an area of more then 10 ha) for cucumbers and tomatoes.

This greenhouse facility also receives its power supply from the biogas plant. The fermentation residues are distributed to the park's own fields, so that in Felgentreu, a closed system is in place in which all resources utilised in the process cycle remain in the cycle. This approach is lucrative in the ecological sense as well as in the economic sense. The operation of biogas plants has also proved effective in creating new jobs within this structurally-disadvantaged region. Approximately 90 full- and part-time positions have been created in the company, along with nine other positions in the context of the plants' direct operations.

Technical dataYear of construction: 2007 / 2008
Power: 10x 844 kWel
Input materials: Renewable raw materials

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