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Analysis and design of a hybrid phase modulated converter

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High–frequency transformer isolated DC–to–DC converters are widely used for power conversion in alternate energy and other applications. In such applications, it is important for the converter to operate with wide variations in input voltage. A hybrid phase modulated converter (HPMC) can achieve this with soft–switching characteristics. This paper presents the analysis of such a hybrid phase modulated DC–to–DC converter for different modes of operation. A systematic design procedure is illustrated with a design example. PSIM simulation results obtained for the design example are presented for varying input voltage and load conditions. A 200 W experimental converter with 22 to 41 V input and 350 V output switching at 100 kHz, has been built to verify the performance of the designed converter.

Keywords: bridge, converter design, DC–to–DC converters, phase modulation, soft switching, zero voltage switching, ZVS, phase modulated converters, power conversion, simulation

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