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Best Renewable Energy Source is “Bio coal Briquettes”

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It’s time to move towards non-renewable to renewable sources to protect earth and environment from pollution and global warming. As we know there are many renewable Energy sources are available on the earth. For ex. Sun, wind, water, Biomass etc. all renewable energy sources produce energy which never affect to our climate. 

Let’s we discuss about one of the Renewable Energy source…Biomass

Biomass is many times used as fuel for heat generation purpose but it’s more effective we used biomass waste also. Biomass waste can be bind to generate more heat than its loose form and this binding process is known as Briquetting Process. It’s worked on the basis of Binder Less Technology because it’s not using any binder to make solid form from loose form of biomass.

As Bio coal Briquettes are made from biomass without using any chemical it’s also renewable energy source. Bio coal Briquettes is also non-polluting and eco-friendly. It’s balanced the carbon cycle of our climate.

Bio coal Briquettes are made from biomass which is easily available and the briquetting process is cheaper than any other renewable energy producing process. Briquetting process is also very easy and only 4-5 people are needed in this process. Bio coal briquettes are easy to store and transport from one place to another and cheaper than bio coal. 

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