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Bio Cabin Case Study


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Site background: As a result of a previously successful planning application on one of their other farms, The Hampton Estate management team agreed that biomass was the preferred fuel for this new project. The project was to build new housing including the conversion of an existing barn on the estate.

Description of problem before installation: New heating system to be installed as a result of a barn conversion to provide new housing. A plant room within the building would be limited due to the existing dimensions and also reduce living space.

Solution: Containerised bespoke design – a complete heating system consisting of an EN303/5 compliant 60kW boiler plus bespoke bunker fuel store and accumulator tank within a container -a pre-wired and pre-piped solution to allow integration into the new heating system. The boiler featured lambda oxygen control to optimize efficiency, full modulation and automatic fuel ignition. This design allowed simple on-site installation due to the prefabricated flow and return system. The system was designed to ensure that it qualified for subsidy under the RHI scheme – see our separate document for details

Wood chip was selected as the fuel of choice as this was already available on-site as a free fuel

Benefits to customer: The use of the containerised solution removed the need to build a boiler house resulting in a low cost solution - reduced planning costs, shorter lead time due to shorter planning process and lower overall cost. Low CO2 with heating generated from the customer’s own fuel supply. Simple connection to mains supply. Qualification for RHI subsidy.


  • Containerised biomass solution,
  • Bespoke pre-wired and pre-piped heating system within a container,
  • Easy installation,
  • Low planning costs and shorter application process,
  • Enabled use of own fuel supply – free
  • RHI subsidy with guaranteed income for 20 years.

Bio Cabin Case Study

Binton Farm (Hampton Estate, Surrey)

Project type: Containerised boiler solution

Boiler details: D’Alessandro 60kW CSA

Fuel type: Woodchip

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