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Biochar Production Equipment For Recycling Coconut Shell Waste

Biochar production equipment, including Beston Machinery's coconut shell charcoal making machine, is commonly used to transform various biomass waste into profitable end products using carbonization and pyrolysis technologies. While biomass waste fails to pose just as much as a problem for that natural environment as non-biodegradable waste matter like rubber and plastics, still it must be processed by waste processing facilities - a biochar production equipment and transform it into profitable commodities. 

Beston Machinery Coconut Shell BioChar Machine

The wonderful thing about coconut shell charcoal making machines from Beston is that they utilize 'One Fire Two-Stage' double cylinder designs to make sure that heat from carbonization reactors is reutilized for that raw material drying process. One of many manufacturer's most favored machine models may be the BST-30. This model has an hourly feeding capacity of three tons and utilizes a continuous working method. To set this into perspective, the device can theoretically be employed to convert 72 tons of coconut shell waste into valuable commodities every day.

The BST-30's furnace might be heated from an array of fuel sources including biomass, LPG, diesel, coal, natural gas, charcoal, wood, etc. The complete power requirement is 72 kW/h plus it employs a recycling water cooling design. Besides processing coconut shells, other sorts of biomass waste that this BST-30 machine can carbonize include bamboo, sawdust, straw, palm shells, etc. Click here to know more:

Requirements For Converting Coconut Shells Into BioChar

• The moisture content of raw materials has to be under 50% to ensure charcoal output with a high carbon percentage. Note: Charcoal with a carbon percentage exceeding 95% is much more profitable mainly because it has higher thermal value and produces less smoke when burnt.

• Coconut shells has to be crushed into pieces below 20mm in length.

• Use of high kilo calorie fuel to heat the reactor to required temperatures.

• The combustible gas output ought to be recycled from the plant to refuel the reactor and reduce running costs.

• The coconut shell charcoal making machine will need to have advanced dedusting systems to make certain emissions meet EU standards. 

Coconut Shell Charcoal Applications 

Coconut shell charcoal is really a profitable commodity because it has a wide array of applications. You can use it being an industrial fuel source or perhaps to fuel outdoor barbeque grills. It might be milled into charcoal powder for exportation towards the global market. Coconut shell charcoal can also be further process into active carbon. Active carbon is really a sought-after material with the wastewater recycling industry. Biochar is also perfect for improving soil drainage properties or being a biological carbon fertilizer. You can use it to increase crop yields from the agriculture industry tenfold.

Biochar Production Equipment

Along with making an investment in charcoal making machine, other items that biomass waste processing facilities might want to invest in include shredders, crushers, millers, grinders, spray towers, de-dusting systems, plus much more. There are lots of items of machinery that can easily make a biomass waste to bio charcoal production line more potent. Be sure you check out additional biochar production equipment available for sale online. Visit the page: