Biogas upgrading using the DMT Carborex® PWS Technology.

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Gas is an excellent fuel for a large number of applications and can also be used as raw material for the pro- duction of chemicals. Biogas can be used in more or less all the applications that are developed for natural gas. For some of the applications biogas may have to be upgraded. Injection of biogas into the natural gas grid will result in an improved security of supply. This is important since dependence on imported natural gas is increasing and only 2/3 of the European gas consumption is covered by gas from the EC. The benefits of gas as a fuel have resulted in increased use and of course will be reflected by increasing gas prices. Biogas is therefore a very welcome and sustainable alternative; there are four basic ways biogas can be utilised :

  • production of heat and steam;
  • electricity production/co-generation;
  • vehicle fuel;
  • production of chemicals.

The most common applications for biogas are heating and power generation; using biogas as vehicle fuel and injecting the gas into the gas grid are applications that reach more and more interest.

DMT a Dutch based manufacture of Odour Control and Biogas Upgrading systems is now  offering the DMT Carborex® PWS technology in the UK.

With this technology biogas can be upgraded to the quality of natural gas in a very effective way against interesting running costs compared to other systems. After upgrading biogas can be used as vehicle fuel or injection into the gas grid.

This paper will describe the operation and performance of the DMT Carborex® PWS process, typical applications, detailing system efficiencies, capital costs, running costs and payback periods.

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