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Biomass gassing as an effective source of energy


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Type     HOFGAS®- IFM4c 4000/2100
Performance     2100 Nm3/h / 3500 kW         
Location     Limoges (FR)

A prestigious gassing plant for biomass is being built in the heart of France. The owner is promising himself a significantly higher level of efficiency through biomass gassing instead of biomass incineration.

The plant is operated by feeding it with sawdust and wood chippings. The gas generated by pyrolysis comes under the category of wood gases. The energy produced by the pyrolysis gas is further used in producing electricity and heat. And the excess gas must be disposed of safely without harming the environment.  

Technical Requirements

  • Combustion of purified gas
  • Combustion of unpurified gas
  • Calorific output of the wood gas 1.3 - 1.5 kW/Nm3
  • Gas temperatures up to 350°C

Utilisation of the HOFGAS®- IFM4c industrial flare.
The flare and components are designed for two properties of gas. Either the gas comes directly from production at 350°C or at 60°C after purification.
Thanks to the innovative geometry of the burner, the wood gas burns despite a weak calorific value after the start-up phase without the addition of supporting gas.
The pipelines and combustion chamber are automatically rinsed with inert gas after a stop signal is sent to the flare.

Especially resistant materials protect the plant parts from excess temperature levels of gas.

HOFSTETTER’s safety concept 

  • Pilot burner with propane gas for safe ignition
  • Pneumatically driven rapid-closing valves
  • UV monitoring of combustion
  • Temperature monitoring of combustion

Client’s Benefits

  • Safe and reliable disposal of pyrolysis gas
  • High availability of plant
  • Observance of local regulations


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