Briquettes Are the New Renewable Energy


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You can walk towards a sustainable and clean environment by promoting usage of Briquettes which can be made by various kinds of Briquetting machines. There are different types of machines, and a large number of manufacturers supply them with versatile range and performance.

It is a very effective initiative to keep the glory of the environment by making it pollution free and encourage the use of renewable energy.

What are Briquettes?

Briquettes are compressed coal dust blocks and composed of various materials like agriculture waste, sawdust, wood chips, peat, papers, etc., which helps in giving us environment-friendly fuel for various commercial and residential purposes.

Briquetting machines are used to make different types like charcoal briquettes, peat briquettes, and biomass briquettes, which is widely used as a replacement for fossil fuel like charcoal and coal and are used in various things like electricity generation, cooking, and heating of industrial boilers.

How are Briquettes made and the process behind it?

It is made by application of high pressure to any type of raw material like wood waste, agriculture waste, sawdust, charcoal, paper waste, etc., which combines or binds together to form compact blocks, used for various purposes.

When high pressure is applied, bonding material like lignin is released that binds all the material to form blocks. There is use of very high temperature during this process so that the moisture evaporates and this efficient binding of material.

Why should one make Briquettes?

The foremost important reason is it is best out of waste, which gives environment-friendly fuel and keeps the environment clean. It also reduces the risk of fire as it adopts the slow burning process and it lasts for a long time.

It helps in reduction of the volume by making briquettes as the waste matter will form compact forms to reduce volume and hence will facilitate easy storage and transportation. It is widely used as renewable energy now-a-days.

There are various types of Briquetting plants that are available for various briquette formations with different pressure rates. Some of the widely used Briquetting Presses are mechanical presses, screw presses, and hydraulic presses.

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