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BureauScope.Com goes live with eSight technology


Courtesy of eSight Energy Ltd is a new breed of energy management company offering its clients a mix of energy information across the Internet together with a consultancy service to advise on energy savings.


BureauScope remotely monitors energy consumption for industrial, commercial and public sector sites across Ireland.

Key to the company strategy was the need to offer access to energy information and reports across the Internet.

The company also promotes the CEMS (Complete Energy Management System), which is a unique methodology for:

  • Identifying energy wastage where it occurs
  • Developing a conservation programme
  • Delivering behavioral change
  • Setting criteria for investment

Conservation programmes developed using the above tools result in real and sustained cost reductions.


BureauScope required a solution to fulfil the following key requirements:

  • Hosted solution available across the Internet
  • Ability to transfer data from remote sites
  • Comprehensive range of energy analysis techniques
  • Creation of site specific custom reports for distribution by email
  • Management of key performance indicators
  • Exception reporting by email
  • Identification of missing data across multiple sites

In addition, BureauScope required a solution that was scalable to accept any number of online users as the service is rolled out across Ireland.


eSight Energy has provided BureauScope with a fully hosted solution running our eSight product suite across the Internet.

The solution is fully branded as BureauScope.Com and accessible by both staff at BureauScope and their clients 24 hours a day 7 day a week.

Metering data is transferred from remote logging systems based in Ireland to eSight Energy’s data centre in Cambridge using eTransfer.

eTransfer forwards metering data in secure packets across the Internet, therefore keeping communication costs to a minimum.


eSight is a fully browser based product with 100% of all configuration, management and reporting functionality accessible through the browser.

Built on robust technology eSight can be used across both single user installations to large multi user environments.

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