BYD F3CNG details Highlights resolve

BYD oil and gas of hybrid F3CNG models of oil and gas mixed three-box sedan design concepts borrowed from the Japanese, Korean automakers successful development experience and mode. The design concept of the 'mm' (ie able to enjoy the interior space to maximize, car machine must occupy a minimum of space). The biggest bright spot of this model is the use of dual-fuel system can be dramatic reductions in the cost of car use. Current price of natural gas is much lower than that of gasoline and diesel fuel costs are generally save up to 60%.

The 2012 models the BYD F3CNG details Highlights resolve.

With excellent quality, reliable performance and value prices, F3 since its listing in 2005, sales of the rapid growth in the A-class car market in record wins the title. Maintenance costs in the economy as well as intimate and convenient after-sales service, F3 has won a good reputation in the market. F3 BYD hybrid upgrade with the original double fuel oil gas oil and gas mixture hybrid OMVL, Italy, multi-point sequential injection gas system BYD F3CNG. To maintain the characteristics of the economic fuel economy at the same time, fuel consumption is equivalent to 100 kilometers to 2.5 liters of fuel costs, less than $ 20, the first mate down at the end the cost of car! The biggest bright spot of this model is the use of dual-fuel system can be dramatic reductions in the cost of car use the current price of natural gas is much lower than gasoline and diesel fuel costs are generally save more than 50% savings in maintenance costs. Engines using natural gas(CNG compressor) as fuel, run smooth, low noise, no coke, prolong engine life and require frequent replacement of oil and spark plugs, maintenance cost savings of more than 60%.

Second, excellent quality, safe and reliable

F3 continued selling their excellent quality are inseparable. F3 sales exceeded 1 million, in order to further improve product quality, BYD has invested substantially in and take a number of measures. In the field of electronics, BYD in collaboration with Apple, Nokia and other top companies to temper the excellent level of technology and quality management system; vehicles, BYD through cooperation with Mercedes-Benz to absorb its rigorous concept cars, pay attention to the safety and durability of the vehicle sex; in the field of spare parts, BYD to attract well-known suppliers such as Bosch, PPG, to further enhance the technology and reliability of the vehicle; at the manufacturing level, BYD through the acquisition of the Japan Hagiwara mold factory to ensure accuracy on all models process. A series of quality building initiatives to ensure that the new F3 stable and excellent quality.

The world to use more compressed natural gas vehicles.

(1) natural gas vehicles clean fuel vehicles. Natural gas vehicle emission pollution is much lower than gasoline-fueled vehicles, exhaust CNG compressor free of sulfur and lead, carbon monoxide by 80%, 60% reduction in hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides by 70%. Consequently, many countries have developed natural gas vehicles as a an important means to reduce atmospheric pollution.

(2) safer than gasoline cars

First, compared with gasoline and CNG compressor itself is relatively safe fuel. This is reflected in:

High-lighted, natural gas point 650.c 223.c higher than the the gasoline ignition (427.c), compared with gasoline not ignite.

Low density, and the relative density of the air is 0.48, the leakage of gas is quickly distributed in the air, it is difficult to form a fire burning concentration.

High octane number up to 130, than the current best car 96 octane number is much higher antiknock performance.

The explosion limit of narrow, only 5 to 15%, which is formed in the natural environment, this condition is very difficult.

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