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Carlsberg UK Selects eSight M&T solution and reduces energy consumption by 10%


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Backed by more than 150 years of Danish heritage, Carlsberg is a household name in the United Kingdom and Europe. Carlsberg UK is a subsidiary of the Carlsberg Group and is the UK's fourth largest brewer. Carlsberg UK currently employs around 1,800 staff across 16 sites in the UK.

The Requirement

Carlsberg UK required a web based Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) System for multiple plants and distribution depots throughout the UK.

The brewery was looking for a system that could import and calculate weekly KPI data against targets for multiple utilities including but not limited to: gas, water & electricity, as well as analyse production data and calculate plant efficiency.

Carlsberg UK also required the ability to manage data imports from a wide range of meters to incorporate complex production procedures in place across the brewing process. This had to be intuitive for access by non-technical users of the system

In addition, Carlsberg UK needed an energy solution to distribute a range of use alarms and average usage alarms automatically via email.

Carlsberg UK also needed a solution to display hourly dashboards at department operator level to monitor usage when the plant is running, stopped, shutdown and during maintenance periods.

The Solution

Carlsberg UK chose eSight to manage energy usage throughout the brewing process to enable them to monitor the efficiency of their brewing processes and optimise for best performance, thus saving on bottom line costs.

Activities such as generation of compressed air and excessive water usage required in the brewing industry are easily monitored and optimised using eSight.

Carlsberg UK uses eSight to monitor the plant for shutdown opportunities. eSight’s alarm module generates range and average alarms to be sent via email to alert high usage in specific meters. The alarms are linked to production allowing for early reaction and quick intervention times to process and reduce losses. This can have a major impact on utilities costs, environmental compliance and production output.

The eSight system is managed by the Carlsberg UK onsite systems team. The use of eSight is coordinated and facilitated to user departments by the Energy Centre Manager & the Water and Effluent Continuous Improvement Manager.

Carlsberg UK holds a weekly meeting with user departments to review eSight dashboards. The weekly KPI data is calculated in eSight and compared to targets. This allows for changes to be made to enhance productivity and therefore achieve energy savings.

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