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CETL select eSight as part of their energy management solution to clients


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Community Energy Trading Limited (CETL) offers end-to-end AMR packages and utility management solutions, using a range of the most up-to-date technology available. CETL aims to provide businesses, charities and public sector organisations with smartUTILITY solutions in an entirely ethical manner.

The Requirement

CETL provides a comprehensive range of AMR Technology, offering their clients the best solutions available for their specific requirements.

CETL’s status as a one-stop-shop for their clients, required software that is capable of displaying the data from a wide spectrum of suppliers. eSight provides CETL the freedom to choose AMR products that accurately fit the needs of their clients.

Having identified the need for such a system, CETL chose eSight as the platform for their “Utilities Navigator” client contact point satisfying a number of specific requirements:

  • Identifying utilities wastage and where it occurs
  • Web-based architecture, allowing access across the internet from any PC
  • User friendly interface
  • Comprehensive functionality

The Solution

CETL selected eSight: the 100% web-enabled energy management suite for the following reasons:

  • eSight enables an integrated solution, allowing CETL to collate and manage all aspects of energy data for their clients, at a central location.
  • To manage their client’s data through web-based architecture using any browser, eSight users are able to log on from any PC to check the status of their energy data.

eSight includes a wide range of energy analysis techniques enabling the user to perform a multitude of functions; from simple energy graphs to complex calculations, eSight simplifies the difficult task of managing energy.

eSight’s user friendly interface has been designed in accordance with the requirements of energy managers. Screens are arranged in a simple and straight forward format so as not to overwhelm and confuse users with a vast array of irrelevant information.

CETL also required a product which they could offer to their clients, branded in line with their corporate marketing requirements. By selecting one of eSight Energy’s standard re-branding options, CETL were able to work closely with eSight Energy to create “Utilities Navigator”.

eSight Energy offers 4 levels of standard re-branding from simple company logo to a full OEM product.

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