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Combustion of advanced non-toxic hybrid propellants


Combustion characteristics and fuel regression behaviour have been studied for two fuels utilising 98% rocket-grade hydrogen peroxide (RGHP) as oxidiser. Two test series (A and C) involved a total of 13 firings of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) fuel grains and series B involved nine firings of DCPD grains loaded with various amounts of lithium aluminium hydride, LiAlH4 (LAH). A laboratory-scale combustion chamber with a 4.09 cm diameter was used in all firings. Regression rate data have shown a substantial increase as compared to RGHP/low-density polyethylene oxidiser/fuel combination. Results with the LAH-loaded grains showed comparable regression rates, but disappointing levels of combustion efficiency.

Keywords: dicyclopentadiene, DCPD, hybrid rocket, rocket-grade hydrogen peroxide, RGHP, regression rate, lithium aluminium hydride, LAH, combustion efficiency, advanced hybrid propellants, non-toxic hybrid propellants, oxidisers

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