Cost Effective Desulfurization of Gas Streams


Courtesy of Merichem Company

The LO-CAT® II process provides cost effective H2S removal for all types of gas streams in many different industries.

The LO-CAT and LO-CAT II processes have achieved H2S removal efficiencies of 99.9+% in many different applications and industries. These applications include natural gas production, oil refining, biogas, landfill gas, coke oven gas, geothermal steam power production, CO2 production for beverage use, lube oil production, and many others. These applications range in size from a few SCFM to several hundred MM SCFD and from a few pounds of sulfur produced each day to greater than 20 long tons of sulfur produced each day. The sour gas entering these LO-CAT systems contain anywhere from 100 ppmv H2S to 100% H2S. The sour gas pressure ranges from a few inches water column up to 300 psig.

The LO-CAT custom designs each LO-CAT system for each application providing the user with the most cost effective solution to their H2S removal needs.

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