Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

Creating an Enabling Framework for Renewable Energy for Re-Deployment in the Partnership

This project will help to improve the quality of both the resource information and the tools for assessing the technical and economic potential for renewable energy development, which will greatly enhance opportunities for broad deployment of renewable energy and distributed generation technologies in Partner countries. It will also develop improved tools for applying resource information together with other data (e.g. technology and system cost, load profiles, land-use, etc.) to provide more credible and accurate information on the economic potential and competitiveness of renewable energy relative to other alternatives. This activity will include a review of current integrated economic assessment methods and tools, ranging from screening analysis to modeling capabilities and collaborative work to enhance the quality of these tools in use across Partner countries. The project will be led by the United States and seek to establish “best in class” resource and economic assessment methods and collaborative plans for broad use across Partner countries by the end of 2007, and availability of high quality renewable energy resource and economic assessment data and tools for priority regions across the Partner countries by the end of 2010. The overall project will help to establish a credible information base upon which viable, and sustainable, renewable energy markets can be fostered.


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