CSP Today Chile Market and Technology Insight 2014


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Plan your business strategy with the CSP Today Chile Market and Technology Insight 2014 report CSP Today has published an exclusive report of 79 pages that includes all the information you need to plan your CSP business strategy in Chile. Armed with over 20 detailed figures and 38 comprehensive tables, this business intelligence report covers every single piece of data you require. Chile, home to some of the highest DNI levels in the world, has an urgent need to diversify its energy mix and is turning towards non-conventional renewable energy sources, specifically CSP.

The next few years are likely to be defining ones for the future development of CSP in Chile and the opportunities are beginning to develop.

CSP Today Chile Market and Technology Insight 2014 Report offers you:

  • Critical analysis of Chile’s CSP market: Get insight into government policies and incentives as well as finding out who are the main players are including developers, EPCs and financing firms
  • Market forecast to 2024: Design your long term strategy with the report´s market forecast to 2024 including a concise look at Chile´s CSP development opportunities
  • Optimal project solutions for CSP in Chile: Access an in-depth assessment of cost (CAPEX, OPEX and optimal PPA) and performance (energy yield output) for both parabolic trough and tower technologies
  • Localized techno-economic analysis: Obtain industry validated cost information and localized techno-economic analysis to plan the financing of your CSP project All the information in the report has been validated by local industry leaders and researched by experienced team of experts and engineers

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